Tough Decisions Made Easy

After a week of feminine energy dominating the cards, I love how St. Francis popped by to introduce himself. He embodies many qualities we associate with women, representing the importance of balance and connection to our hearts from a masculine perspective. True strength lies in our ability to be vulnerable, honest and open. Bring it on!!!

The guidance here is for you to follow your heart in making this decision. The time has come for you to stop going back & forth and know that the answer to your question is already inside of you my friend. It is vital for you to take a step towards the universe before it can take a step towards you. Faith is such an important part of your journey, embrace it with every fibre of your being. So wether you believe in intuition or angels, Buddha or Jesus – trust your inner wisdom and have faith in the unlimited abundance that is available to you in this life. St_Francis_Follow_Your_Heart

The card is both gentle and masculine in its’ colour scheme of muted browns and flecks of green. Look at the radiant loving light that shines from his heart. St. Francis holds this light so tenderly and affectionately but also allows it to radiate outwards as he shares it with the world. That is the true gift of living in your heart; you stop being concerned with only your life but start to share your light with others in a beautiful & motivational way. His purity & peacefulness is represented in the white animals who surround him. His faith & loving qualities provide for all his needs shown with the grapes the doves are delivering. I love the small blue bird sitting on his shoulder showing us that we are never alone. The blue bird stands for authenticity & truth. See how it gazes into the future, ready to soar through the sky just as your life will when you follow your heart. His robes glow from his energy, wisdom and joy in shades of orange, gold and yellow

St. Francis of Assisi renounced his wealthy Italian heritage to follow a spiritual path. He is also rumoured to have been able to communicate with animals. Call upon him when you need guidance in sharing your spiritual beliefs with people you care about that do not share the same beliefs or when you are having issues with animals.

This card is so loving and nurturing; the more I look at it the more emotional I feel. To have the capacity to radiate that quality of love in every aspect of your life – just imagine what that would feel like! I can see why Wayne Dyer has such a strong connection to him!! When you can approach your entire life from your heart, get ready for an incredible shift to occur.

Have a wonderful day and many blessing to you! Namaste – Lisa

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