My Coaching Style

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When you talk, I’ll listen.
Together we’ll make your life bloom.

My father lost his battle to cancer the first week of October in 2008. The second week of October I lost my job as a successful Television Producer and General Manager of a Production Company. Those were the days of the devastating housing bust in the USA and our company was US owned and operated.


It was a job people dream of; travel, adventure, small planes, exotic locations, closing big deals and even travelling to Cannes for the largest television market in the world MIPCom. During my years there, I was promoted from Marketing Associate, to Field Producer, to Producer and host of my own series, Discovering Great Towns (PBS, CLT and international distribution in Australia, Italy, Hong Kong and more) and eventually became the General Manager responsible for three edit suites, the sales and marketing division, nurturing broadcast relationships, tax credits and funding, eight broadcast television series and an incredibly talented team of contractors.

It was tough to replace this “job” and not only was I grieving the loss of a parent, I also had a precious toddler to raise.askformore_HB2015

I have believed in the Law of Attraction before I knew it has an official name. I live life under the principal that we have an innate ability to create the life we want. I took it upon myself to re-create my career. I wanted a new freedom to parent and work as I fulfilled my creativity and my love of people.

Rather than finding a job, I made one catered for me.

I approached several past clients who hired me on the spot and I was off and running as Bloom Lisa, coach, consultant, voice over talent, producer and host.

Over the years I have been able to utilize my varied talents, pushing me out of my comfort zones and doing the same for my clients.

I love how my coaching work has evolved along with my spiritual practice. My sessions speak to the core of who you are with proven results.

Let’s be honest, who isn’t full of great ideas? And who isn’t feeling that their life is already so busy and full they can’t find time to release the old or bring in the new? This is where I come in. createmoments_HB2015In your sessions we will not only create a unique strategy catered to your unique journey, but we will dive deeply into the ethers of who you are so that once and for all you can activate long lasting change, balance, fulfillment and success.

I work internationally via Google Hangout, GoTo Meeting, FaceTime and Skype as well face-to-face in your office or mine. I keep things interesting, innovative and impactful whichever route we take.youtalk_HB2015
You can email me, call me or submit right here in the form and you can start living life in FULL bloom. – Lisabloomlisacoaching_logo_web

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