Weekly Oracle Card Reading for July 15th – 21st, 2013

I was called upon to call-on the ladies this week and I am so pleased to introduce you to a few new characters from the spiritual realm. This deck has been a Godsend in my life and I am so happy to have been guided to use it for this weeks reading! The Goddesses are a powerful and eclectic group to call upon when you need strength, support and guidance. I am busy with family over the weekend so am posting a little earlier than normal, rather than being a little late!!

This week is about being strong in a non-traditional sense. You are being called upon for a higher level of forgiveness, compassion and restraint. I strongly believe the time has come for woman (and men) to be true to their feminine qualities in the workplace and stop trying to fit into the old boys club. The world is shifting and the time of the ego and competition will be replaced by compassion and cooperation.Mary_Magdalene

Mary Magdalene starts our week off with her unwavering grace and unconditional love. When others are harsh to you it says more about them than it does about you. That said, direct your sweetest, softest and most loving thoughts at these people. Look at what this amazing lady endured and how she handled it. Seeing her this week reminds me of something that Marianne Williamson said in her 2012 talk at ICDI Vancouver. She said, “I am pretty sure that if Jesus looked down from the cross at all the people and said, ‘I hate all of you’ that the resurrection never would have happened”. Marianne is so awesome. It is when we are most challenged that we need to centre ourselves in our spirit and source energy. This love is what will get you through the intense situation you are experiencing right now.

Whatever seems to be going on, throw more love at it. If you are harbouring feelings of regret than it is time for you to forgive yourself and heal this wound. It will serve you well. You may be having a particularly challenging situation at work, this card is a reminder that adding darkness to a dark situation will never bring about light. You are misunderstood just as she was. She remains the most judged woman in our history. Only recently have new interpretations of the bible voiced the opinion that many Mary’s are mentioned in the bible as it was the most common female name of that time, yet a male dominated church who did want women to play a pivitol role in the church has combined every comment about “Mary” towards Mary Magdalene. She was Jesus’ most trusted advisor in reality and her gracious demeanour is a gift to all of us. 

The artwork on this card is soft and gentle just like Mary Magdalene. She stands under the archway surrounded by lavender tinted clouds, protected. She wears a soft pink dress for femininity and holds a single white candle in a jar for peace & tranquility. A shawl is covering her head and flowing long hair for simplicity and conveys a flow of energy in this peaceful and forgiving card.Oonagh

Midweek brings us the lovely Celtic goddess, Oonagh. She wants you to go with the flow right now and to have faith in the big picture. Oonagh may be peaceful and relaxed but she is no pushover. She cares passionately about causes. She has unwavering faith that everything is going to work out as it should. She wants you to know that your life purpose is YOUR OWN! There is no competition for it so there is no need to worry about it.  Perhaps you have lots of friends or not enough, a thriving career or a fledgling one, a feeling of purpose or a feeling of being adrift on the edge of a storm. Wherever you are in your journey, know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Do what matters to you, forget what other people think and stay YOUR course slow and steady.

Human nature propels us to action. We believe that somehow through the very act of “action”, that we are improving the situation before us. That said, the single most useful, helpful & most repeated piece of advice I ever received is, “When you are not sure what to do Lisa, do nothing!” When tragedy strikes, we often feel that we MUST do something, anything! But that is our ego talking. It is in stillness that we find the real answers. I recommend taking a couple of minutes and meditating on the image of the card. What do you feel as you look upon the images and what jumps out at you? This should lead to some clear messages for you regarding where you can let go a little bit and relax your approach.

I love the imagery of this card and have to say it is one of my favourite cards from all of my decks (and that is saying a lot….). The peacefulness flows like a lazy current down a winding summer stream from Oonagh’s eyes into the translucent dove then into her long flowing hair. She is soft, relaxed and perfectly in tune with her body. You can see her loose mane of curls are infused with highlights from the rainbow, each curl intertwined with hope. Just as a wave in the ocean is not separate from other waves, you cannot tell where one ringlet begins and another one ends, representing connectedness. The dove rests on top of a crescent moon representing the support provided by the universe.  The white lilies represent beauty, innocence and purity. Call upon Oonagh when you need a soft place to fall.Diana

Interestingly, we meet Diana for the weekend. I like how she comes on the coat tails of Oonagh. She is telling you that you are not a pushover for taking this new relaxed approach, but rather in staying focused in your faith that you will reach your goals. As you connect with your grace and love from Mary Magdalene, Diana reminds you to stay the course. It isn’t easy to always do the loving thing; to forgive unkindness and let hurt blow off your shoulders like a cool evening breeze is a tall order. If it was, the world be a VERY different place indeed. Stick to your decisions. Imagine yourself like a seedling that has bloomed into a big strong tree. Your roots run deep and through them, you are connected to a universal life source. You are steering your ship, so keep your eye on the horizon and land at your mark. Whatever comes up along the voyage is manageable. You have all the strength you need to be a success, so release your doubts, stay positive and keep company with those who bring forth your best!

This card is dense in lavender and pink for the power of your feminine qualities. Just like Mary Magdalene she is under an archway, protected at all times. You are like the trees in the background, strong, healthy and grounded. Her robes & hair are blowing in the wind, showing us that she is strong in the face of opposition. Connect with your inner Diana!

Have a wonderful week brimming over with compassion, grace and focused intention. Blessings to you all! Lisa


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