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“During a period of significant personal and professional change, Lisa‘s support helped me to reaffirm what was most important to me and regain more balance in my life. Lisa‘s coaching approach covered all major aspects of my life including health, family and career, and I appreciated the variety of sources of inspiration and coaching methods she utilized.

Because of Lisa‘s weekly coaching, I felt better prepared and more confident to face change and uncertainty.  She helped me discover new ways to slow down, feel calmer and live more in the present moment, while still focusing on achieving the longer term goals I had set for myself.”

— Emily Frazer, CPA, CA


From the mundane to the explosive,if you want to activate real change, it requires on-going support and a plan.

According to scientific research, humans average between 60 – 70,000 thoughts each day. Can you guess how many of your thoughts today are the same as yesterday? A shocking 90% of those thoughts will be the same from day-to-day.

Clearly, the human race is not naturally hard wired for change.
You love your habits and rituals and there is nothing wrong with that…sometimes. It takes a plan, support, grit, courage, motivation, faith, passion and whole lot of time, tactics and tenacity to activate change in your life. Then hit repeat each and every day of your life.

Are you sure you want to take ALL of that on by yourself? While I encourage my clients to act like superheroes, well they are my clients and are clearly not doing it alone.

I provide the tools and support that allow you to thrive rather than simply survive.

I will empower you, push you and make you accountable.

My Coaching Packages

A couple of sessions isn’t going to help you make any significant changes in your life.  Long lasting change doesn’t happen from one rockstar tip or following your weekly to-do list for a couple of months.

I will make a serious commitment to you as you make one to creating and living a life that you love.

Contact me today for your complimentary introductory session.

It is time for you to stop being overworked, underpaid and headed for burnout.

Email me at or call 604.313.8420.


I am available to teach 1/2 day and full day workshops at your office or corporate retreats.

I specialize in communication, mindfulness and productivity.

Contact me today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Email me at or call 604.313.8420.

It is that simple.
 Contact me today for rates and packages at, fill out the contact form below or message me on Twitter or Facebook.bloomlisacoaching_logo_web

Life coaching works. I am humbled to have worked with dedicated and motivated individuals ranging from Iron Man athletes, tax attorneys, baking supply distributors and many ballsy, logo, bloom lisa coaching, Lisa van Reeuwyk, organize, entrepreneur, mompreneur, success

Email me at or call 604.313.8420 to discuss booking, rates & payment for an event to remember.



13 thoughts on “Coaching Packages and Workshops

  1. We asked Lisa to come out and read for 7 of us ladies at our friends 53rd Birthday Party. Every woman who had a reading with Lisa left with something miraculous just by what she had seen in her cards and how she shared that wisdom with us. What an incredible gift it was to have Lisa at our gathering. She lifted each one of our spirits and left us feeling light, free, confident and playful. The knowledge we’ve gained will stay with us for months. It was honestly my girlfriends best birthday! Thank you so much for your incredible talent and having the courage to share it with the world!

    1. Oh honey, you are so sweet!! It was my honour & privilege to partake in Marly’s special evening and read with all the ladies. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU for including me!! Blessing to you earth angel. Namaste:)

  2. My nieces were in town and we pulled out my mother’s old deck. It was so much fun telling stories and doing the readings for each other. The deck became a way to tell them about their grandmother who they never met. I think I’m going to host something like this for my girlfriends. I’ll offer the cards, they bring the wine.

    1. You will LOVE it, make it cards before cocktails for highest energy results too! What a beautiful story and thank you so much for sharing it here on my party page. Let me know how the party goes!

  3. Thank you for doing this, sharing your talents with the people, being paid for being you, awesome, I have a lot of things to learn from you ❤ prosperity is trying to find you

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