Clutter – How to Get Started When You Don’t Know Where To Begin

Whether it is shoes, throw pillows, years of files or manly collectibles, we all have our weak spot for stuff.

I mean we love our stuff, but we can’t let commercialism drive our cars so to speak (pun intended). If the urge to “have stuff” navigates our route, we are in for big trouble both financially and spiritually and let’s be honest, environmentally. Sorry mother nature for all the abuse to this amazing wonderland you supplied us with, just doesn’t seem quite adequate does it?

Clearly she is mad. Very mad. Volatile and epic storms, dying polar bears due to no summer sea ice and ubiquitous algal blooms and exploding jellyfish populations have been noted.

We all need to take back the keys to the ignition and turn up the music of our favourite playlist to drown out the requests for more, more, more. I promise you, if you do a major gutting you will reap the benefits personally, professionally, healthfully and financially.Happy Boxes, life coach, entrepreneur, success, action, reality, Lisa van Reeuwyk, Bloom Lisa,, organized Make the space for a big heap of your stuff that is coming out of your desk, closets, cupboards  and shelves and set aside the time to gather everything up before you start. Not only will you be two-feet in and fully committed, you can realistically assess how much time you will need to:

  • donate
  • recycle
  • chuck
  • re-organize
  • pay forward
  • launder
  • re-joice in re-discovering
  • wonder what the heck you were thinking when you bought it?

…all of your digital and physical creations.

We will take this to the next level next week, but for now, feel no shame as you stock pile your dusty and outdated files and flared jeans.

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Thank you for sharing your time with me today.
Live life in full bloom. 

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17 thoughts on “Clutter – How to Get Started When You Don’t Know Where To Begin

  1. Having grown up with a bona fide hoarder, I am conscious of “collecting things”. Still, I’ve got my own weirdness, especially around art supplies. I was thinking this week it’s time to re-think what I am holding onto. Let even more go. Lighten my load. This was a lovely piece to read this morning. The Universe apparently agrees with my plan!

    1. That is great Noelle. I just know you will find new inspiration in your cleared out space to create some new amazing art! When I do this, I usually find something I had forgotten about that I really love too. Something old becomes something new. Nice to see you here as always bella!

  2. You are killing me, Lisa :0 😉
    Yes…I have to admit that since you started this you have made me get right into the middle of it! And there have been times where I completely shut down…because one thing leads to another and before I know it I have at least 3 areas completely exploded!! My condo down south is VERY tiny…and I have so much…STUFF!!! It has been perfect timing…and boy does it feel good. Still have lots to do ….amazing what will actually fit in here…but there’s nothing like getting rid of what you don’t need…figuratively and literally! Many blessings, friend ❤

    1. You just made my day Lorrie. It is amazing what we can accumulate isn’t it!?! I hear you…I have to force myself not to open photo albums and stay focused otherwise the time line completely unravels. Enjoy the ride lovely Lorrie and thank you so much. Next week…no surprise here….love it or lose it.

  3. I think it’s great that you included the digital stuff with this…that part often gets overlooked as it’s not so obvious. I’ve cleared out a lot of my physical stuff lately but I’ve had to be very diligent in controlling my desktop, files, and email inbox – they’re like mental weeds that grow really fast! Happy Thanksgiving! ~Aleya

  4. I’ve been very good with that in life. I lost everything when younger and it was the greatest gift I’ve ever been given.
    The only ‘thing’ that would come under that category of hoarding is my external drive. Its only a 2TB drive and there is 100MB space left on it. I’ve deliberately forced myself into deleting something to fit something on it…masterful control 😀
    But does need ‘that’ touch I think 🙂 Great post!

    1. Thank you so much Mark. I too have been a minimalist, until having kids that is. A few years into the journey and wondering what happened, I am on the road to recovery but have the challenge of dealing with my wee ones natural instincts to hoard, lol. I find it fascinating, that innate urge to hold on. It is very telling when we look at what a materialistic society we are now living in. I recently purged a few of my devices of files that no longer get used and I am so pleased with how much faster and efficiently they run. Good luck with your external Mark, I believe in you!!! You can do it!!!

      1. Thank you Lisa 🙂
        And I think that ‘hoarding’ is a safety mechanism. We try to reinforce that we are ok, by saving all those things that have meaning, emotional or physical (where other people would look at it and see junk).
        Some do it very strongly because it is part of their inbuilt coping, and I’ve seen it in some homes where you literally cannot move between rooms without having to squeeze through the access lanes that are left reluctantly, where others can go around the world with just a backpack and memories 🙂
        I think we all have them, they just differ in the reasons they are built 🙂

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