Stunning and Sticky and Beautifully Merciless, A Course in Miracles

As I embark on the great adventure of summer break, I am holding the lessons of big blue near and dear to my heart. And my children’s. I hope you enjoy them as I have enjoyed sharing them. Live life in FULL bloom my friends.

Blazing Light of Glory

Studying A Course in Miracles is a sticky, beastly, merciless journey into your soul. It is also stunningly gorgeous in its expedition into the meaning of love.

Lately I notice the impact of my studies in a big bold way. The 325 lessons I now have under my belt have grown deep roots. Thick, course and twisted, their wisdom has weaved an invasive path into my subconscious mind and taken hold with great love and graciousness.

There is no turning back now.

Life feels more manageable, like I am finally growing up.

Now, when my youngest daughter begins hyperventilating, tears streaming down her face, arms swinging and gasping for air because forgetful Mommy has given her the yellow bowl instead of the blue bowl for the umpteenth time, I can notice my own inner 5 year old simultaneously gearing up to throw a temper tantrum that puts hers to shame. Clearly, I have no shame. None at…

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