A Mindful Gardener

My business motto is Live Life in FULL bloom so, using the metaphor of planting seeds, blooming flowers and lush gardens is a no brainer.

While taking the advice of my daily card reading to de-clutter my life, I was cleaning up random files I had saved to my desktop over the past few months and came across a screen shot file I had taken from Caroline Myss’ Facebook Page many moons ago.

Her words reminded me of this Happy Box I created in the summer of 2014 and it felt like the universe was whispering to me to share the wisdom here on my blog.Mindful_Gardener_HappyBoxes

Normally I write my own posts, but it seemed fitting to let Mrs. Myss take the reigns today! Here is what I found on my desktop this morning:

“…We are never motivated by only one impulse to do or say anything.

We are never loved for only one reason – and as time goes by, even the reasons that drew us to love someone change or ripen with age.

Hopefully people feel that same sweeting of the fruits from our inner garden to check on the seeds you have planted and what is ripening for you.

Some of the reasons why things happen as they do are often hidden in the seeds we have planted or the weeds we left in our soil far too long. As we walk through our secret garden, we realize we cannot choose the soil – somehow that was already provided.

Some years have brought droughts or floods, perhaps even a tsunami that cleanses our inner garden in one enormous storm. But even our inner garden bows to the mystical laws of nature – it must produce life again.

It must seek out the healthiest of seeds in its soil as it breathes itself back to life.

I love to contemplate the seeds I am planting now.

A wise gardener learns from his previous seasons, what seeds nourish the soul and which ones are weeds in disguise. Any why would someone want to imagine a field of weeds growing within them?

We are the Gardeners of our souls – no one else has entry to that secret garden.

Contemplation is taking the time to count your seeds, to name them, to pay attention to what seeds need watering – and to extract the weeds.

I love that we are so woven into the breath and bounty of Nature. What is in One is truly in the whole.”

Live life in FULL bloom.

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11 thoughts on “A Mindful Gardener

  1. Oh, Lisa! This is SO good and oh yes can I really relate! Beautiful post, my friend. Keep on shining ever so brightly so that your Light will radiate out to all the world to see. Love you! Amy ❤

  2. I love the idea of fallow land. That there are times to plant, grow, reap and lay fallow. Much like the seasons we benefit when we can feel and honor what season we are in.

    1. It continues to be my weekly mantra, continue planting seeds that will bloom next season. This season is for family and fun and the soul. Hugs my good good friend.

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