Be Here Now

Be Here Nowbeherenow_jellies_HB2015

Life has been reminding me again and again that it happens in the present moment. This is the inspiration for today’s Happy Box.

When our mind gets wrapped up in our big urban lives worries can propel you into a future that to be honest, will never happen.  It is wise to have a technique tucked away in your back pocket to bring you back into the present moment. What is in your bag of tricks?

Is it a mantra? A few deep breaths? Rooting your feet into the earth/sidewalk/floor/elevator to garner a sense of connection and peace? Listening to someone like it is the most interesting conversation you have ever had? Perhaps feeling an appreciation for your life right now and all you have to be grateful for?

For me I have had the words be here now running through my head like a soundtrack in a movie, inspiring me in so many rewarding ways.

To be aware of the lady smiling at me from the front row in yoga class which led our first conversation, even though we had seen  each other dozens of times before but never spoke. She is like a member of Cirque de Soleil, and I have always been amazed by her flexibility and power.

Noticing how sweet my girls are in their innocence and playfulness as they dance and sing and joke all around me. Usually I am too busy making dinner, cleaning up, getting through homework and trying to decipher my 8 year olds ever expanding vocabulary en français while doing laundry and squeezing some blogging in!

Taking time to pause on the path to enjoy the sun on my skin as my favourite insect, the  dragonfly darts past.

To smell the gorgeous roses in the garden at the farmers market and to chat with the local artisans rather than rushing around to collect my produce. We even stopped and enjoyed the musicians, a talented duo of teenage twins playing an acoustic guitar and a banjo. It was a sweet moment watching my girls throw some money in their guitar case.

I ask you to take a little extra time today to be present. Enjoy this spectacular day, it is a gift. aboutjourney_HBApril2015

Live life in FULL bloom.

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10 thoughts on “Be Here Now

  1. I love this post so much Lisa! 🙂 ❤ I have many sayings that I keep with me, like: "Give what you need to someone else", or "things are worth more when you give them away". ❤

    1. Hi Trini!!! How nice to see you, I have been thinking of you. I love your sayings and find them to be so true. I am working lately on finding ways to add spiritual teachings into my parenting at a level that resonates with their age and giving what you want to cultivate in your own life is one of them! Sending light and love to you sweet thing.

      1. Oh, I looove that I used to teach comparative religion to small children, or they were around 8, it was one of my favorite jobs! I used so many fun examples to teach then about reincarnation and soul. I loved it! 🙂 ❤

  2. Wonderful inspirational post Lisa.. We often get embroiled in the things we need to do, and catch up with etc.. Being ‘Here and Now’ is a great Mantra..
    I know back in my working Mum days, my head was dizzy!! and seldom did it reside in the Now.. LOL.. always one day or a week ahead! 🙂

    Today I sit breath deep and my mantra is I am Happy I am well.. 🙂

    Love and Blessings. Sue xox

    1. Dizzy is the perfect word for it. It is nice to see you living a life of Be Here Now out in your beautiful garden. Being in the moment is helping me enjoy this time so very much. Sage advice!

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