What is in a Word?

Blazing Light of Glory

Words are fascinating.

Delivered in a soft and loving tone the words, “I love you” can make you weak in the knees yet if delivered in a possessive tone,  you may feel like running at cheetah speed off into the great beyond.

Descriptive words can be vague or crystal clear as they paint either a Monet or a Salvador Dali.

Then there are heteronyms, words that are spelled the same but are pronounced differently and have completely different meanings, like the words wound, delegate, refuse, wind or resume.ACIM_sin_HB2015

Then there is that heavy word, sin. In this day and age it feels religious, irrelevant and judgemental. Like it or not, everyone who hears it is familiar with its flavour. It’s bitter taste makes me want to spit it back out before it settles into my taste buds.

When is the last time you used the word sin? I…

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