Words Magic Power


Words can work magic, just like a spell.

They can cast a dark shadow


light you up like a sunny day.

Which on you get all depends on you.

Recently I read a post on Noelle’s blog, Meditation Travelogue  which inspired this Happy Box.

Acknowledging and accepting the power of your words is an essential practice. The impact your words have on your co-workers, family members and the random encounters out in the world are absolutely critical to your success in life, both as a human being and in your career.

It is time to own your power and it is tremendous.

Acknowledging the power of your inner dialogue is equally essential.I dedicate a lot of time in my programs to communication. It is the key component to effective long lasting change.

Our perception of events creates our reality. Two people can be in the same room and take away completely different messages depending on their personal point of view.

As a student and blogger of A Course in Miracles, words are under constant scrutiny. They have so much power to separate us, to inspire us, to enrich our lives and at times even to cast a shadow on the soul for an entire lifetime.

I want to talk a little bit about inspiration.

Great truths are simple and we feel them deep in our guts; perhaps you call them epiphanies. Being able to inspire your team through teamwork, continued education and acknowledging excellence is preferable to threatening them with their jobs or bonuses if they don’t reach their targets.

Inspiring accomplishment in our children through fostering independence and consistency is preferable to shaming, micro-managing and talking down to them.

Looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling back at yourself will lay the foundation for self acceptance rather than scrutinizing a minor flaw in your complexion.

Each conversation you have, could be the most important one you ever have. Pay attention to what you say and what is being said to you. Not only for the impact of your message, but for the opportunities that open up as a result.  You could be the biggest source of inspiration in someone’s life today.

On a personal note, I made it to Sunrise Yoga this morning. To maximize my productivity as I expand my life coaching practice, I am setting my alarm clock for 5:42 am to maintain my four times a week yoga practice.

My instructor Shalon announced that we were going to end the class in, dun-dun-dun, headstand. I have not even attempted headstand in over a year and at the time, doing it before 7 am seemed a bit shall we say, optimistic.

Shalon, who is not only a talented instructor but such a sweet nurturing young woman, took the time to break it down, addressed the fear she could see welling up in her students and as she spoke I felt a calm, confidence wash over me and I said to myself, “I can do this.”

And I did. As I stayed there looking out at the upside-down horizon of blue sky, forest and mountain, I felt such a sense of accomplishment. Life was reminding me to go for it!

The motivation for kicking my legs up into the air instead of just hanging out in my comfort zone is due 100% to her words. They cast a magic spell over me and motivated me to rise into myself.  I have been in the best mood all day.

I decided last night to post this Happy Box this morning and I have to say that it feels outstanding to have this anecdotal story to end with.

May we all enjoy the bumps on the road as we soar onwards and upwards along the journey of life.brick_headshot_May_2015

Live life in FULL bloom.

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11 thoughts on “Words Magic Power

  1. Your piece made me think of several things. One, that any time two people come together it’s a sacred act. So really when we are talking to each other we are in endless cycles of sacred encounters. How we use our words right then, is as powerful as speaking in the most sacred temples around the world. Second, we can only speak from where we are vibrationally, energetically, and/or from our psychological development. We give forth, not what people draw from us, but what we have within us. So our words are a constant barometer about what is in there. If we speak harshly, even inwardly toward ourselves, we are seeing our fear, concepts of scarcity, loneliness, desperation and so on. Ann Frank said something to the effect of, “Isn’t it wonderful no one has to wait to create a better world.” I would say that is true in each moment whether we are speaking of the world without or within. Take command of your power in words and you change your life. Thanks for the plug for my blog, dear friend. _/I\_ deep gratitude.

    1. I feel everything you said and I love the analogy of the barometer. Our words convey our inner temperature. As it is said in ACIM, we can only give what we already have within us, so yes our words are spreading our current vibration. Society has become so callous with words, words with diminished impact. We are generally more thoughtless and forget to be impeccable with our word (The Four Agreements) All the best my friend, Time to clean house before our Indian Potluck begins🌸🌸🌸

  2. Brava, Lisa!!! What a powerful post!! YES YES YES, words are very very powerful, for they shape our reality, same as do our thoughts. The more aware we are of our existence, the more cognizant we are of our words, our thoughts, our actions, for they are the very foundation that create our lives. And how COOL you did a headstand!!! I am so darn proud of you for overcoming your fear!!! I did a full backbend yesterday and NOW I realize why I am so sore! LOL YOUR standing on your head made me realize the source of my sorenss which I have been questioning all day long. Tee hee …. I really FELT those muscles complaining as I lifted and arched my entire body, yet my attitude lifted me in the air … I told ME YES YES YES I can do this!!! Congrats to us both! GRIN!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    1. I love the synergy! Reading comments like yours keeps me motivated to blog Amy. What a gift to find souls like you to motivate, inspire and appreciate our journeys together. The yoga journey has ebbs and flows like the tide and I am enjoying a current resurgence of strength and courage in mine. Namaste🙏

      1. While you flow I will ebb. (smile) I don’t know where I do not ache, and my flexibility is not what it was. So, I ebb, treating this body with nurturing, and replace Yoga with walks. Yoga will be maintained, yes, but not the quantity of classes. Not right now until this body gives me the green light. I have learned not to force this body … when I do, I always pay for it. So not worth it.
        And as for reflecting one another … oh yes, Lisa, it is as much a thrill for me as it is for me. I wouldn’t be putting in the hours of blogging I do IF it were not for people like you. YOU encourage me to keep going.
        Sending Much Love with my Namaste, Amy ❤

      2. Yes, you can be the ebb to my flow. We can make our own version of the yin yang symbol! Yes, always listen to what the body needs. It changes as we cycle through the bodies rhythms just like the cycles of nature. Hugs and love, Lisa

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