Knock on the Door

Over your lifetime you will only remember certain moments.
You can create these moments
simply hope they show up once in a while.

As human beings we are born to create. Our ability to create is what differentiates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. We are empowered with ability and creative juices to build skyscrapers, electric cars and jeans made of recycled bottles; the list is endless.

From a coaching perspective, the key is in the balance between being in the flow and taking the initiative to create in your own life. This really is a key element to creating balance and abundance. How do you balance the two? Does this sound like a paradox? Have you entertained the importance of taking a step back and being in the flow to enjoy the ride as you get to where you want to go? Different personality types have very different perspectives on this one.

Just like the four seasons, our systems need to slow down and take time for hibernation, just as they need the spark of life in the springtime to generate the glorious summertime and an autumn harvest.

When you are able to clarify your intentions, you tap into the energetic flow of abundance that we have all felt. Some people call it the midas touch; those times where it feels like everything is going your way and lady luck is in your corner. When you create a life of intention, you allow yourself to be in the flow.

So raise your hand and ask the questions, knock on the door to learn something new and don’t be passive in the experience of your own life. You will attract back the energy you put out there. askformore_HB2015

May we all enjoy the bumps on the road as we soar onwards and upwards into the journey of life.

Live life in FULL bloom.

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12 thoughts on “Knock on the Door

  1. Agree with you, Lisa… The key is to make that knock on the cosmic door and ask for more, to keep expanding one’s creative horizons, as, in a wider sense, humanity evolves with these urges…best wishes…

  2. Love this energy I feel from you, Lisa! 🙂 I love everything you wrote…and believe it with all my heart ♡ Sure, there are times when things don’t go the way we would like, but that is always when I think God knows better than we do and we always end up someplace better!! ❤

    1. Thank you so much Lorrie!!! It is great to know this resonates with you. I hope all is well with you on your journey…it seems that we are both diving deeply into ourselves as we start a new chapter. Sending love and hugs!!!

  3. Hibernation…. Winter…. Love these images and I may write a piece on that alone. We are so driven by the Protestant Ethic, we really don’t know how to use stillness or silence and especially nothingness. I can’t remember the quote exactly but it’s by Bertrand Russell. “Genius requires a lot of nothing. No really, the ability of doing a lot of nothing.”

    1. I look forward to reading it. Please leave the link here for me as I am not on my reader on a daily basis. I like that quote…a lot. I think our society can benefit greatly from it. 🌸

  4. Thank you Lisa. Your positive energy never fails to open the doors .. May we always remember to ‘Ask’ and go seek that which we want to be our experience.. Loved your posters and new look theme also.. 🙂
    Have a wonderful day..
    Hugs Sue xx

    1. You are so sweet with your encouragement and compliments. I am taking on new clients and did some sprucing up! So glad you like it and that you stopped by. Live life in FULL bloom sweet Sue and keep on rockin’ it🌸🌸🌸

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