Life is Not a Momentary Sensation

Achieving a goal is a momentary sensation.
Life is not.
Enjoy the journey.

enjoyjourney_HB2015I have been reflecting on the importance of being present and appreciating all the little moments that in the end, make it all worthwhile. We must achieve and create, that is what human beings are hard wired to do.

The goals we set for ourselves come and go, and once yours have been achieved, how do you feel?

Where does the richness come in your life? What do you savour in a day that creates joy?

May we all enjoy the bumps on the road as we soar onwards and upwards into the journey oflife.

Live life in FULL bloom.

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14 thoughts on “Life is Not a Momentary Sensation

  1. So true Lisa! It does seem there’s always “the next step” we’re striving towards…and I don’t think is ALL detrimental because I believe this yearning for growth and expansion is part of the reason we’ve incarnated on this earth—to do just that. For me I’ve been focusing on trying to grown internally vs. externally. Gaining in my ability to love vs. acquiring more money….:)

    1. Striving for that fine balance is an art form indeed Shelah. I agree that we need to have focused intentions. I hope this post reminds readers to enjoy all the experiences along the way too. Here is to taking it all in as we reach for stars above💖💖💖 Thank you so much for stopping by.

  2. Suffering only visits when I am outside this immediate now. If I can stay anchored here, it is quite evident I am not only all right, but the world has so much to give. Love this.

  3. So true, Lisa… Life is a journey of trials and tribulations towards goals serving as milestones; there is creation, destruction and progressive evolution. ‘All experience is an arch, where through gleams the untravelled world’, said the poet. The journey is the reward, for there is no destination…keep blooming, Lisa…

  4. Beautiful words Lisa.. Yes Life is not a momentary sensation.. but a Life is made up of all of those moments we are present within.. 🙂 such is the Gift of life..

    Love and Hugs dear Lisa.. Enjoy your Weekend.. ❤ Sue xx

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