Ten Years of Love, Kids and Life

Here we are one year later and it feels like a good time to share this post. Any relationship, marriage or commitment, is much like a rose bush. If it is nurtured and looked after, it will flourish after a long cold winter. Live life in FULL bloom – Lisa

Bloom Lisa Coaching

Today marks my 10 year wedding anniversary.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When I transport myself back to that madly in love young woman walking down the aisle with a cheshire cat grin on my face, I clearly see that my marriage & my kids have completely transformed me into an almost unrecognizable version of my former self. A much kinder, gracious, generous and loving one too. For a marriage to succeed the demands of modern life, a radical openness of the heart is required. Nothing more or less than whole hearted love for all members of your family will do. This does not mean liking them all the time, oh no no no. Nor does it mean spending all of your time together like a big happy family with a white picket fence. But it does mean knowing & recognizing the tricks your ego plays on you and the need to let things go.Summer_Sunset_Mex

Having just returned…

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5 thoughts on “Ten Years of Love, Kids and Life

  1. Hey Lisa,

    Congratulations and sincere best wishes for the next ten years! It certainly does sound as if all members of your deeply loving family have affectionately facilitated the transformation of each other. What a wonderfully elevating feeling that must be 🙂


    DN – 28/04/2015

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