A Magic Carpet Ride

A nice dose of Happy Boxes with some light and love for your Sunday. Live life in FULL bloom – Lisa

Blazing Light of Glory

Studying Big Blue entails much more than an interpretation of the text. Being 280 Lessons in, I would be so bold as to say that whatever your perception of what The Course would be like, that image will in no way resemble the ensuing magic carpet ride.

My interest in pursuing The Course is as a spiritual one. The first time I saw Caroline Myss speak she said, “Religion is the worst thing that ever happened to God.” She has a strong belief in God, but just like The Course teaches, she sees how words separate us.

I enjoy imagining myself looking down on planet earth from deep in space. Seeing the planet as a whole, rather than one with borders and nationalities, filled with rules and beliefs that create division. Great truths are so simple, and resonate at a soul level. Knowing that we are all more alike than different is one of them. Julie…

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