Beauty and Reflections

Words are powerful They can bring us together and they can separate us. Some words will instill confidence while others take it away. Self acceptance versus self-help is a great example. As I like to say, when we know better we do better. Reflection_Rumi_HB2015

Today I plant a seed of love. Please know that you are enough just as you are; that your path is one into the heart that celebrates 100% uniquely you. We see beauty all around us as spring surges through the world and that beauty you see is a reflection of you.


Photo credit on both images: Richard (image) and Lisa van Reeuwyk (photo editor).

Live life in FULL bloom – Lisa

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13 thoughts on “Beauty and Reflections

    1. The power of words has been forefront in my journey lately; I am so glad they resonated with you today Brad. I can always count on Rumi. Have a wonderful day my friend!!

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