Enjoy the Ride

I have been finding great inspiration in this community lately and funnelling those juices into new creative concoctions. Accept_Journey_HB2015This happy box is dedicated with much Blessitude to the courageous Lorrie Bowden and her journey. I am so inspired by her ability to not only bravely dive into unchartered territory but to share it with all of us. (Photo credit: Richard and Lisa van Reeuwyk)

Last weekend I returned to the town I grew up in after a long absence.  I was deeply affected by memories that surfaced throughout the visit. As we drove onto the highway to return back to Vancouver, this message came through crystal clear, “Those experiences live on only in my mind.”

Here is to walking the walk as I release all that no longer serves me and fully accept the beautiful journey that has led me to this miraculous moment. And as Lorrie would say, blessitude!

Live life in FULL bloom – Lisa

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11 thoughts on “Enjoy the Ride

    1. We are our own worst enemy at times, fighting our own happiness when we need to be accepting the bumpy road for what it is. Thanks for the support Brad!

  1. Oh!!! Lisa what a special gift 🙂 I couldn’t be more honored that my journey inspired something in yours!! I have felt a wonderful connection with you since the first time we “met.” I absolutely LOVE your ‘Happy Box,’ and the fact that you said, “Those experiences live on only in my mind'” Perfect outlook…deal with what we need to and then lay the memories to rest!! Much love to you ♡ May you always have an abundance of BLESSITUDE!!

    1. I am so glad you like your Happy Box Lorrie. You are special to me in ways that nurture my soul like a mothers embrace. Have a wonderful weekend bella🌸🌸🌸

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