Your Wings Are Ready

What if I fall? But my dear, what if you fly?!?!whatifIfall_HB2015

This Happy Box was created to honour my A Course in Miracles study buddy from Through The Peacock’s Eyes and her amazing Butterfly Journal. I ordered five of them; I kept one and gave the rest out as Christmas Presents and we all ADORE them.

The journal functions as a huge asset as you dive deeply into healing and growing and living a full life. If you like to journal and have some stuff to work out, you can check them out here. A fresh perspective can be the key to change and looking through a lens of optimism can make all the difference.

Your wings are ready, it is time to soar above the tree tops.

Photo credit: Richard van Reeuwyk (talented and very cute husband).

To see more of his inspiring cherry blossom photos, check out my two last posts, here and here.

Live life in FULL bloom – Lisa

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11 thoughts on “Your Wings Are Ready

  1. This reminded me of the Guillaume Apollinaire poem. He was a French poet and philosopher:

    “Come to the edge.”
    “We can’t. We are afraid.”
    “Come to the edge.”
    “We can’t. We will fall!”
    “Come to the edge.”

    And they came.
    And He pushed them.
    And they flew.

  2. Thank you Lisa ❤ you are awesome and somehow you bring to us exactly what we need in the perfect moment ❤

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