The Cherry on Top

Spring is such an incredible shift in energy and nature. While the rest of Canada and northern USA may be hearing the early whispers of spring, here in Metro Vancouver we are already saying good bye to cherry blossom season.blog_cherryblossoms2015 47love copy

My first post on these magnificent little gems represented the first blossoms of the season.blog_macro_pink_cherry_blossoms

This post celebrates the rest of the best.blog_pink_cherry_blossoms

There are moments when I realize just how special, my very sweet husband is.blog_macro_cherry_blossom

Like when he told me after work one day that he brought his camera gear to work to shoot the large tree
at his office that was in full bloom. blog_cherryblossoms2015 29 copy

He went on to tell me how, while walking through the office to go take some photos he had several similar conversations with men. Upon noticing his large lens and camera they asked, “What are you taking pictures of Richard?”blog_cherryblossoms2015lovebranch copy

Each conversation went the same way.

Richard replied, “I am taking photographs of the cherry blossoms outside.”blog_cherryblossoms2015 48love copy

What? (insert contorted brows & confused faces) Why? (insert expressions of total disbelief)” the men would reply.

Richard replied, “Because by wife loves them.”blog_two_bunches_cherry_blossoms

I write this post not only to share my gratitude and appreciation of my man and his artistry,
but to share the beauty he captured. blog_branch_cherry_blossom blog_large_bloom

Now for making Happy Boxes out of these glorious photographs!

Live life in FULL bloom – Lisa (lucky lucky Lisa)

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37 thoughts on “The Cherry on Top

  1. Hey Lisa,

    Heart-felt sentiment and beautiful photographs packaged tenderly within a wrapping of love. Gaia’s grace permeates the weave of natural life and flowers her wondrous distillation of thought made manifest in the guise of unfathomable beauty. You are indeed a lucky, lucky Lisa!

    I have a particular regard for the final image and whilst I cannot pinpoint the exact reason for my persuasion, I believe my choice has something to do with abundance and freedom. Perhaps it is the appearance of the sky in the image against which the blossoms are set that suggests at unbounded expansion?

    Thank you for sharing these exquisite colours of spring. They are absolutely delightful 🙂

    Namaste Lisa,

    DN – 29/03/2015

    1. That final image is also the photographers favourite shot in the group; I thought you would like to know. 😉 I am so pleased you found inspiration in these images and for sharing your musings here on my page. Thank you so much for enriching this post with your presence. 🌸🌸🌸

  2. OH, Lisa!! These cherry blossoms are gorgeous!! Just outstanding and make me LONG for Spring to make up Her mind to come in. It is still so cold here. The post I promised for you should be going up tomorrow on Petals. After seeing how soft these images are, I hope what I chose for you is going to be to your liking. What was created with you (prose) chose an image that is pretty powerful. I really HOPE you view it on an apple product, due to the deep colors. It looks not anything like it does on my apple from my (windows) laptop and truly to be truthful, not that great. Crossing fingers you will see this post, especially the image, with an apple screen. So Much Love to you, my friend, Amy

    1. I can’t wait to see it and yes I will see it on an Apple product…thank you so much for your kind words here. Now get some rest beautiful flower!🌸🌸🌸

      1. YAY! That being said, you will really LOVE what is coming. Now I can close up “shop” after hearing from you. I am heading for bed very early this night. I Love you, Lisa! Love, Amy

  3. The cherry blossoms really are gorgeous 🙂 The redbud trees here are blooming now, and I love them, but I must say it’s not the same! What beautiful gifts from your husband … I’m always touched by how much men love to do things to help and support the women they love ❤

    1. Glad to hear you are in the throes of spring Heather! And thank you for your kind and supportive words. It is important to show our appreciation in life and that is double true when you are married with children! All the best sweet thing.

  4. Spring is eternally present in your wp name, bloomlisa. And your gorgeous pics usher in the joy of spring, in the gay abandon in which the cherry blossoms are embraced by silvery clouds in the sky. Kudos to your hubby for getting these shots and cordial thanks to you Lisa for posting it here…best wishes… Raj.

  5. Oh Lisa, these pictures are beautifully captured! I never was a fan of flowers, but these really caught my fancy! Thank you for sharing these wonderful and healing pictures of Cherry Blossoms! May you have a miraculous and blessed week ahead ❤ xx

  6. WOW! Lisa.. these photo’s are amazing.. Wonderful shots.. and what a gorgeous Hubby you have to do something so sweet for you… 🙂 Loved your cherry on top! 🙂 post.. xxx Sue ❤

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