Bibbidy Bobbidi Boo

Today provided some much needed quiet time to write this post that has been marinating in my mind for the past 10 days; it is near and dear to my heart. Enjoy the magic and the love! Lisa

Blazing Light of Glory

This is a very special post for me. I do hope you enjoy it. Let me share a tale of love, fear and forgiveness.

Cinderella was my oldest daughter’s first princess. I was of a mind to skip all that princess stuff unless she embraced it on her own, and sure enough, around Sofia’s 3rd birthday the princess gowns, wands and crowns invaded our house like maidens at the castle for the royal ball.

SofiaPrincessCouchAge3 copyThis photo warms my heart and her expression is priceless. It was taken about five years ago now. Sofia is in her Etsy Cinderella dress reading a “vintage” copy of Cinderella on her Disney Princess sofa. Although her princess faze passed around age 5, it was an early indicator of her love of books.

For a solid year, I read that book at least three times a day and I am quite  impressed that, to this day, it hasn’t fallen…

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