What Do You See?

Today, be present and pay attention to all the signs around you….who knows what magic will reveal itself to you.

Do you see it? It is so clear to me but perhaps you see something different. I am curious what you think of this image. magic_nature_eagleHB2015Considering the magnificence of mother nature’s creation, having it as a stand alone feels like divine timing at work. For me, this piece would have made a nice addition to my spirit animal post on eagles from February 2015, but I had not created it yet. It even seems like the “eagle” has a fish in it’s mouth. Stunning!

Photograph courtesy of my talented husband, Richard van Reeuwyk and our Happy Boxes Project in the Saltery Bay Provincial Campsite back in 2012 on the Sunshine Coast of BC.

live life in FULL bloom! – Lisa _/|\_

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19 thoughts on “What Do You See?

    1. A dragon…nice Trini. I can see that as well. Funny, until this post I only saw the eagle. I am so glad I opened it up to all of you for suggestion. All the best sweet thing!!!

  1. I saw the eagle straight away Lisa.. And the fish yes.. The Signs are always there indeed.. we just need to be open enough to see them, and then be brave enough to follow them 🙂

    Love and Blessings
    Sue xxx

    1. I am loving all the feedback on this very special image. It is refreshing to open my eyes up to something that looked so certain to me for so long. Like a rorshach/totem animal experiment! All the best Val and thanks for sharing your thoughts here on my forest dragon!

  2. LOL What fun! I first saw a dragon, then when I read your words, Lisa, I saw the eagle with the fish in its mouth. You are SO right. When we SLOW down we begin to see the Magic that is all around us. Keep on shining, Bright One! Love, Amy

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