I Would Not be Afraid of Love

As part of my strategy for surviving spring break on a stay-cation and part creative juices flowing, I have been on fire creating new Happy Boxes and my latest post regarding the Course is loaded with them! Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

Blazing Light of Glory

I recently made a note in the column of big blue as I reflected on the title: A Course in Miracles. It could just have easily been named A Course in Shifting Perceptions to Create a More Loving Life. Clearly this title does not have the same caché, but it would have scored some major points for clarity.

Recently, Julie and I discussed how wisdom must be attained by the student, independent of their teacher. We discussed how guru’s lead their students to the cross roads, but then leave them at the juncture to sink or swim. The Course is no different and the title functions like foreshadowing.

We are in section 4. What is Sin? of the Workbook for Students and I enjoyed the perspective of insanity, fear and love this week. The first sentence reads:

Sin is insanity….(3) Sin is the home of all illusions, which but stand for things imagined, issuing from thoughts that are untrue…

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