How Sweet It Is

Here in Metro Vancouver, we are typically blessed with an earlier spring than the rest of the country. Not a February goes by where I do not see a few crocuses and more importantly, my first cherry blossoms of the year. Now that it is March we are blessed with full blooms scattered around the city.cherry blossoms_brownButterfly

My husband took these pics in our yard over the weekend. Wether you are enduring harsh winter conditions like Amy PinkRose with her stunning photos of Niagara Falls or you are in a more temperate zone, these photos have been shared to brighten your day.

Cherry blossoms are so delicate and feminine, yet they are resilient and strong. Their blooms cut through the harshness of winter and remind us that after months of darkness and rest, that a new season of life is blowing in on the winds. Take a deep breath and just imagine their sweet fragrance. Ahhh, isn’t that amazing!

cherry blossoms 031015 9 cherry blossoms 031015 6 cherry blossoms_FB cherry blossoms_bee cherry blossoms 031015_bluesky cherry blossoms 031015 16

These images were taken with a Nikkor AF-S 70-200 mm F2.8G IF-ED VR ll (telephoto zoom lens) on a Nikon D600.
May we all BLOOM into our best lives as we journey through the garden. – Lisa


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18 thoughts on “How Sweet It Is

  1. Looooove these pictures! Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing!
    I am filled with cherry blossom gratefulness,

  2. I love spring. We only have hints with warming temps and bulbs starting to push up. I love when spring really explodes in color, life and blooms like these wonderful cherry blossoms. Soon! Thanks Lisa.

    1. Thank you. My very sweet husband has another 243 stunning images of cherry blossoms for me to download and photo edit!! Yikes. I see another post in the not so distant future.

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