Shedding Old Skins In The Name of Transformation

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and I recently experienced the slithery reptilian variety.

At a recent visit to Science World I encountered this boa constrictor and much to my surprise didn't want to let it go.

At a recent visit to Science World I encountered this boa constrictor and much to my surprise, I didn’t want to let it go.

I am quite surprised to find myself writing about snakes and even more surprised to have had one of such stature and strength wrapped around my neck. To be perfectly frank I didn’t know I had it in me. I embraced the moment with fear banished from my soul like Moses to the desert of Midian. But then this is how it works with enlightenment, unexpected and imapctful. I loved how warm and energetically charged the boa constrictor was. I was deeply impacted by our meeting and the following snake “encounters” over the next three days were of no surprise at all.Snake-Totem

Snakes are scary to many people and for good reason. Certain venomous breeds can kill with one bite. While sourcing images from Pinterest for this piece, I had a friend inform me that she was going to unfriend me if I continued Pinning images of snakes!

In my opinion, the snake is a welcome animal spirit guide. It is intense and powerful while whispering messages of healing and transformation. Snake energy can also bring about vitality, a sense of courageousness and new adventures. Not so scary now are they?snakebracelet

There are roughly 3,000 species of snakes (suborder Serpentes) around the world with only a few hundred being  dangerous enough to kill a human. Venomous snakes inject venom into their prey while constrictors squeeze them…ouch! Anacondas and pythons can go up to a year without eating after a good meal, so it is the unlucky soul who ends up as their dinner.

As a spirit guide, an animal shows up several times in a short period of time or in one significant sighting. Not all of us live in an abundance of nature so be aware of photos, songs, patterns, clothing, accessories, sculptures, etc that you encounter.  I write about this in both my dragonfly and owl posts.Photo 2015-03-04, 12 30 42 PM

In the case of the snake, just as it sheds its skin, you too are about to go through such an intense transformation your new life will take on an entirely new aura. You will be sharp, alert and experience a heightening of all six of your senses.

Photo 2015-03-04, 12 29 41 PM

As in my case, the boa constrictor is here to remind us to follow our intuition and end a toxic situation. Now is the time to remove yourself from drama and those drama queens in your life. RUN, run away, NOW!!! Like the Five of Swords in Tarot, beware of council too freely offered by others; take advantage of your heightened sensitivities and choose your confidants wisely.  Take a deep breath and smile – someone has your back!Flower_and_Snake_by_simoleons007

If snake is your power animal, one who stays with you and guides you closely through different phases of your life, then you:

– Have a natural inclination for healing

– You have a strong connection to the metaphysical world

-You love to study ancient civilizations and their spiritual traditions

– Your gut instinct is 100% spot on and you rely on all six of your senses in your day-to-day life

– Because of your heightened senses, you take your time before warming up to new situations and/or people

My recent experiences have definitely changed my feeling towards snakes and I am grateful for the message and clearly know why it is helping me along. As for tarantulas and scorpions, we still have LONG way to go before you get on my good list! As a mom and a new fan of snakes, here is a cute little edible snake image I found on Pinterest that I just had to include!Photo 2015-03-04, 12 29 30 PM

If you are interested in spirit, totem and power animals, I have also written about the eagleowlcougardragonflybutterflywolfdeer and squirrel. I would love to hear about any impactful animal sighting you have had and I also consider requests for posts so please leave your feedback in the comments.

Images courtesy of Google Images and Pinterest.

May we all BLOOM into our best lives as we journey through the garden of life. Namaste – Lisa _/|\_

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13 thoughts on “Shedding Old Skins In The Name of Transformation

    1. I hear you Brad…it certainly isn’t an easy metamorphosis. If it hadn’t happened so organically for me, I would be running in the opposite direction myself. Change is in the air in a monumental way in my life and I am embracing the leap of faith that is currently underway. Thankssssss for stopping by;-)

      1. Actually, years ago while traveling, I encountered a pit swarming with snakes and I surprised myself (like you) and actually stood there watching them. Mostly I’m a little squeamish about snakes in AR with water moccasins.

  1. Iiiiiiiii snakes!!! Well, I have seen lots of them here in India. I am both scared and fascinated with them. I want to see them (only in the wild, not in zoos or on TV) but only at a safe distance. I have the same thing with sharks, I am scared of them, but they fascinate me immensely too! But something happened about a year ago. I was living in Chennai where there are lots of snakes, and one morning I woke up early and I went out on the balcony. There I saw a huuuuuge snake in the parking lot. The security people were standing at a safe distance, they had a called man to kill it. He had a very long stick. The snake didn’t attack anyone it just “ran” for the exit gate, but it was a poisonous snake so they thought it was best to kill it because of all the kids playing in the parking lot, so the man with stick started beating the snake. The snake only attacked after getting a beating. But the man beat and beat it until it died. There was lots of blood. After the snake was dead the man with the stick said it was a big cobra. I have no idea why I stayed to watch that scene, but it was as though I couldn’t move! Ever since that incident I have had nightmares about snakes. If I see them in any TV shows or movies or magazine I will be sure to have a nightmare that coming night. Usually the nightmare is that I am walking somewhere and there are all of a sudden lots of snakes on the ground I and I have to walk in between them to get to safety. Sometimes they bite me, but somehow I always get to safety. Still I wake up very disturbed.

    1. Oh Trini, I feel like I must apologize for bringing up those traumatic memories. What a horrible thing to witness. It sounds like one of those “train wreck” moments where you don’t want to watch but you simply cannot tear your eyes away. Well, here is wishing you the sweetest of sweet dreams, like a woodland scene from Snow White for my girl Snow half way across the globe. Hugs – Lisa

      1. Oh, thank you!! No need to apologize! You know this funny thing happened, right after I had read and commented on your post I went out on the balcony and there in the river I saw….yes….a snake!!!! It was huge and it swam over the river and wriggled into the field. It was weird, I haven’t seen a snake in weeks!

  2. I grew up near a nature center, arboretum and chain of lakes. I learned of many reptiles and amphibians at a young age. I love snakes. Such beautiful, sensitive and curious creatures. People see them as dangerous predators, but most snakes are the prey of others. They need all their guile for good reasons. Loved this post.

    1. Lucky you! I read somewhere that crocodiles are the only animal on the planet that do not get cancer. They have lived on the planet since dinosaurs walked the earth and have an advanced immune system. There is so much to learn from our reptile friends! So glad you enjoyed the post !!!

      1. I don’t know if you get or have seen the Isabella catalog, but she has the most wonderful stuff. I’m currently using a muscle/ligament rub made by Native American women called Rooting Bear Rub. On the package they say their wisdom for their rubs is by watching nature. Seeing what works for nature and then mimicking it. So this rub comes from their observations about the bear and how it manages its body, thus the name. Rooting Bear Rub. Love her stuff.

  3. Like to record my hissing admiration for you Lisa for the pic with the slithering creature wrapped around you. I had a similar opportunity to get one on to me some years ago at Sentosa Island in Singapore. There was a snake charmer trying to attract visitors by helping them pose with a huge python. I opted not to go for it, but after seeing your pic here, may be I will try it out next time…ciao…Raj.

    1. New adventures are good for ones courage I think!! Yes, perhaps your next opportunity will present itself sooner than you think. Thank you ssssso much for stopping by Raj!! Wishing all good things for you.

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