Bloom Where You Are Planted


I like to people watch. My favourite time of year to people watch is in the summertime. I am fascinated with legs of all shapes and sizes and summertime beckons skirts, shorts and dresses onto the runway of life.

I also like to watch faces, to see if they are happy. I have written about this before.

If you smile at someone who looks unhappy, they will most often smile back at you. This is a great habit to get into. I bring this up because I often observe that in a place on earth with an abundance of…well everything that marks a high quality of life, people are very unhappy. Often in the first world we get caught up in all the levels of stuff and end up living focused on lack without even realizing what we are doing.

I say, bloom where you are planted and make the best of what you have, right now today, and see where that path leads.

I would love it if you left a comment listing a few things you are grateful for. Immersing ourselves in gratitude leads to greater happiness and that is just what my Happy Boxes project is all about.

May we all BLOOM into our best lives as we journey through the garden. – Lisa

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16 thoughts on “Bloom Where You Are Planted

  1. I am grateful for ❤
    The sun
    The moon
    The stars
    The ocean
    The trees
    The flowers
    The mountains
    The Angels
    my soul
    baby animals
    Earth Angels

    1. Wow Trini, you have set the bar pretty high for my comments!! I do hope others rise to the challenge, even if it is just a handful of things. I love and adore your gratitude list. I can see you are deeply in tune with your appreciation of this beautiful life you have been given. All the best earth angel😇

      1. 🙂 ❤ 🙂 ❤ was going on and on so I had to stop myself 🙂 I liked the challenge! It is fun to remember what I am grateful for 🙂 Lots of Love to you BloomLisa! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. My fifth grade Sunday School teacher used to say that, if you are sad, make a list of your blessings and the sadness will disappear.

    Just an abbreviated list for me
    –The High Sierra, along the middle fork of the Kings River, where the grandeur of the mountains sings softly to my soul.
    –The love of my daughter, who is so comfortably like me, and yet so refreshingly diffierent. (Not forgetting the rest of my family, either.)
    –Geoff Lawton and Bill Mollison, whose teaching and development, respectively, of permaculture design, are opening up a new world for me, and a proven way to participate in restoring the health of our planet.

  3. Such a lovely post Lisa.. and often while out walking I smile and say hello to strangers.. often they speak back.. but some still look uncertain .. A smile costs us nothing.. and yet it spreads so much happiness and can act like a ripple effect as we pass on smile after smile..

    I love Trini’s list of things to be grateful for..
    If I had to condense it..
    I am grateful for Family.. both related and here on WP..
    I am ever grateful for my health, and All of Nature To See, Hear, Walk, Sing..
    And to be here within our Earth Experience.. which I am told is a privilege in its own right 🙂

    My list could go on and on.. 🙂

    And I am grateful for the opportunity to read your thoughts..
    Love and Blessings Lisa.. Have a fabulous week
    Sue xxx

  4. Thanks Lisa. Good reminders for me about smiling- such a simple kindness and way to lighten the day.

    I am grateful for Trini and Sue’s list. My condensed version is below. 🙂

    I am grateful for you, my warm home on a cold day, the hints of spring, naute and the precious earth, friends, family and my blogging community.
    Hugs and smiles! 🙂

    1. A great list of gratitude indeed Noelle! Thank you so much for adding to this great list of appreciation and may you and that marvellous brain of yours have a fabulous day!

  5. I like trying to cheer up those who look unhappy too 🙂

    A few things I am grateful for today … calm in the eye of the storm, peace, meditation, a snow day tomorrow, food in the refrigerator, my sweet dogs, and all the teachers and healers who have changed my life for the better.

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