It is Time to Come Out of The Spiritual Closet People!

AmaterasuI am excited to use my new Ascended Masters Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue for todays card! And what a card it is. I have to tell you, I too have felt the power of this message so strongly lately.

I have been using tarot cards for almost 20 years now, but most people in my life did not know this about me. Since my father passed away in 2008, I have been on an intense and remarkable spiritual journey and I have had to “come out of the closet” myself! It can be an uncomfortable moment when you talk about God, angels and ascended masters. People start to shift, avert their eyes and wonder when you are going to press them about going to church with you. I doubt many people understand what my beliefs are, and that is okay. They don’t need to. Only I do. And that makes coming out of the closet even easier; all you need is faith in yourself and your nature.

When the moment arrives where you can truly embrace yourself just as you are, that is when you will find a new joy and freedom. I invite you to share your stories of coming out of the closet here as well to inspire others who may be struggling with their self esteem.

Today’s stunning & well poised card is Amaterasu, a Japanese Shinto sun goddess. Call upon her to increase your self-esteem and empower you to reveal your true self to others. She looks off into the distance knowing that she faces uncertainty, but she has such dignity and confidence that we know she can bear any storms that come at her. The red shows us Amaterasu’s passion, strength and energy while the blue represents her faith, loyalty and trust in herself and others. The golden border of this card brings in the elements of prestige, wisdom & the wealth that life brings when you open up and live an authentic existence.

If you are reading my blog, you too are on a spiritual journey. Don’t let the naysayers interfere with that journey. The healing, the compassion and the connection you achieve as you connect with the law of attraction and the forces of this multi dimensional world we live in far outweigh anything their negativity brings to the table. Look at these people (strangers,friends or family) as teachers to strengthen your resolve; as an opportunity to enhance your own understanding of your spiritual nature. One important element of this new reality is to  practice non-attachment while you speak your authentic truth. Your naysayers will have an easier time letting go of their fear when they see that you have.

Congratulations on taking another step towards a authentically happier new you!

Light and love to you all on this SUPER rainy Tuesday!! Lisa

16 thoughts on “It is Time to Come Out of The Spiritual Closet People!

  1. Reblogged this on bloomlisa and commented:

    I feel like this is a theme that will resonate with a lot of you. Allowing yourself to be “out there”, where ever that is, is such an essential and beautiful thing. I hope you feel inspired to embrace the true you! Happy Friday. Namaste – Lisa

  2. Thank you Lisa, yes coming out of the spiritual closet for the very first time can be daunting .. I know if was some time after I started my blog in 2007 that I eventually spoke to the broader public that I was a practising Medium in my spare time.. That went around spiritualist centres giving my services for free except travel/ fuel costs..

    I trust more and more in the process of Life Lisa … and last year gave up my services and weekend travelling around the Spiritual circuit to spend more time at home as my husband retired 2 yrs ago.. It was a big wrench at first and I wondered Had I done the right thing.. But Spirit moves us along and is with us which ever path we follow… I can now serve in different ways, and I am finding I come out of the closet on a daily basis… 🙂 Being open and Frank with people…
    Once upon a time Tarot was frowned upon.. Thankfully today we have moved on and people are more aware and open minded about Mind Body and Spirit..

    I have spent nearly 30 years connected to my spiritual side .. And in the 90’s when I first opened my awareness I found it very difficult to share with my work colleagues that I had joined a spiritualist church centre and was enhancing my mediumistic skills which I had had from being a child.

    Today I am Very happy in the skin I’m in… thank you for reposting this… Loved the post and the card is also relevant today also ..

    Happy Weekend Lisa….. xxx love and Blessings
    Sue xxx

    1. Thank you for sharing your personal journey here Sue! I had no idea you had worked as a medium, but with your soft and gentle nature it is of no surprise. Life twists and turns and takes us in new directions and now with your blog you can inspire people around the globe. I too have struggled with “coming out”, especially with very corporate friends but with each passing day I know that as I graciously own my purpose some will understand and some will not. All is well. Hugs and love to you sweet Sue!

      1. Yes, Lisa, I have never imposed my own views on others, We each have Free will to see the reality of what surrounds us.. And when the time is right for any individual they will start and question and open up their own awareness to all possibilities..
        In the mean time… Just smile and know all is well and as it should be… 🙂
        Bless you .. Sue xx

  3. My approach is to share a little when it seems appropriate, and see how people respond. I’m always happy to share more, but I come across a lot of people who are easily freaked out 😉 Then again, I’ve been in Nordstrom before having a three-way conversation about praying or asking angels for help with parking spaces 😀

    1. I agree there is no need to shout it from the tree tops. I too only engage in conversations regarding angels, source energy, past lives, crystals etc when it presents itself organically. I do feel I have taken great strides in owning my spirituality and feeling absolutely no shame for it. We are all on a different path after all. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here on my page Heather, I really appreciate your feedback. Peace, grace & love to you!!

  4. I was just thinking today about authenticity. When we aren’t afraid to just be ourselves and to share some of our favourite aspects of ourselves to others, we might be pleasantly surprised by how some people react. When we are sharing all aspects of our lives, it presents others with the opportunity to do the same. Thanks for this lovely card today, Lisa ❤

    1. And often I am pleasantly surprised by how open, interested and similar people can be! Thank you so much for sharing your story here in the comments!! Just another reason to live an open hearted life! Light & love FaerieMessenger;-)

  5. The thought that came to mind for me, Lisa, in reading and reflecting on this piece is that coming out of the closet need not mean having a discussion about ascended masters and spirit guides with everyone– as you and Heather have already discussed– but could boil down to making bolder decisions in the way we live, or taking a particular stance or approach to an issue whether in a relationship or a larger community.

    Love has a way of pulling us into situations where we have the chance to declare our allegiance, and it may not always be into a glorious discussion of spirit, but a decision not to gossip, a decision to treat a pariah with respect, a decision not to leverage weakness for personal or business gain, the choice to make decisions for reasons of the heart when other motivations seem to present an air-tight case. These types of choices can be really difficult, depending on what we have invested in particular relationships or circumstances– what we think we stand to lose…


    1. Yes, one decision at a time isn’t it and tough ones too! I truly appreciate your comment. May we all find the strength to make bolder decisions from a place of love over fear. All the best – Lisa

  6. I welcome this, Lisa. I have this deck, not using it in a while, so I thank you for the reminder. Since my Dad’s passing, I have been noticing more strength of conviction in my writing and in my Life. I’ve been more determined to walk towards new, one of those being getting an enhanced license in order to get into Canada so I can photograph the FROZEN Niagara Falls. People are flocking there, so I am told. Solid frozen-ness. This does not happen often. So that is my new mission ….. And YOU are the first one I shared this with. (((HUGS))) Amy

    1. I am so glad to hear it Amy! Life experience has a way of strengthening our resolve in a meaningful way. As a west coaster I have not been to Niagara Falls. What an amazing experience and photography assignment for you. Sending blessings for your enhanced license approval

      1. I’ve given hubby until Monday to find the paperwork he says he has for me to fill out. If by Monday that paperwork does not materialize I go myself to the license bureau to get more paperwork to fill out there. Yep, Spring is coming and I only have a certain window to work in. I heard the weather is going to start warming next week, so I have to move!!! LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

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