Soaring High Above The Tree Tops

Photo 2015-01-31, 10 04 34 PMWhen my children ask me what animal I would be if I could be ANY animal in the world, my answer is always the same, an eagle. Seriously, who doesn’t want to fly??? Being born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, I am no stranger to eagles. Bald eagles aren’t as ubiquitous as they once were, but there remain those deeply spiritual moments where you will see several of them together soaring high in the sky, or even perched up on trees close to the ocean scanning for their next meal. Photo 2015-01-31, 10 36 20 PM

The bald eagle is held in the highest esteem by the First Nations, thought to be an earthly incarnation of the Thunderbird spirit. With a daunting wingspan of 5-7 feet, their grace and agility are both stunning and impressive. Photo 2015-01-31, 10 35 50 PM

Bald eagles guide you on your spiritual path, an awakening of sorts. Just as they soar high above the tree tops so must you. If an eagle is showing up for you, it is time to focus on the big picture and simply let go of all those little details that are sinking your spirit like an anchor at sea. Take the high road in your relationships both professionally and personally. Eagles are stealthy predators, masters at conserving energy to ensure success on their next attack. Their image alone conjures up feelings of sharpness, domination, stealth and spirituality.Photo 2015-01-31, 10 35 21 PM

When eagle shows up for you, increased creativity, passion, action, dominating behaviour, freedom and being in control are all on your horizon. And take note, the law of attraction is working overtime in your world, so keep your thoughts and words positive as that is what will be coming back to you fast and furiously!

If eagle is your power animal, you:

– are a born leader and love a challenge

– are an old soul

– have a temper

– have to continually work at conserving your stamina

– act quickly and know a great opportunity when you see it

– trust your gut reaction

– are very spiritually evolvedPhoto 2015-01-31, 10 36 02 PM

If you are interested in spirit, totem and power animals, I have also written about the owl, cougardragonflybutterflywolfdeer and squirrel. I would love to hear about any impactful animal sighting you have had and I also consider requests for posts so please leave your feedback in the comments.

How do you know if you have an animal spirit guide? Typically if an animal shows up for you three times in a short period of time, there is a message for you. Not all of us live in an abundance of nature so be aware of photos, songs, patterns, clothing, accessories, sculptures, etc that you encounter.  I write about this in both my dragonfly and owl posts. If the animal shows up in a significant incident, the single sighting brings a strong message to you.

Eagle images sourced from: Google Images

All good things to you – Lisa _/|\_

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24 thoughts on “Soaring High Above The Tree Tops

      1. Thanks Lisa. I have seen them, just not recently. Trini must have read this post because she shared an eagle photo post with our names mentioned. Our community is wonderful! blessings,

  1. Where I live now, I see eagles every day, some times they fly so close to the balcony where I sit and write (I live on 14th floor) that I feel little frightened. I can look them in the eye and hear the air beneath their wings. Ever since I saved the life of a little bird birds have come to me in abundance, and they seem to not be afraid of me at all! I love birds! I also love squirrels and deer, I have had many encounters with deer. They have been magical! I once meditated a whole herd of deer out of the forest into the garden where I lived, there was a hunt going on and I wanted to save them. I also love horses and sheep. I love all animals, but I think I love vegetarian animals the best. Maybe because their temper is more like mine and because I am a vegetarian too. 🙂

    1. Oh Trini, you are so blessed to see them so close up and personally! And what a beautiful story about the deer gathering to you. I am going to start calling you Snow for Snow White my sweet sweet soul sister!!! Thank you so much for sharing your stories here!!! I wrote about squirrel and deer last summer as they both kept showing up on our camping adventure! Have a beautiful day.

      1. I love Snow White and I love Snow too! 🙂 I sent you a photo of one of the eagles that keep visiting me on my balcony 🙂 Since you like them so much 🙂 Have a magical day you too lovely Lisa!! 🙂 ❤

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