The Mouth Watering Road to Happiness

Delicious layered cake with oodles of fancy icing and its connection to happiness is certainly worth a re-blog don’t you think? Have a delicious day – Lisa

Blazing Light of Glory

usethisicingblogHappiness both entices and eludes us. Think of it like A Course in Miracles Cake, with layers of warm love, creamy gratitude and satisfying forgiveness, topped with a fluffy swirl of mind-blowing happiness icing. We wish we could eat that cake every day, but we don’t…..or we can’t. Just entertain the idea for a minute of how amazing it would be to eat cake every day. And if you ate it every day, then you would have to have it for breakfast sometimes; you would have to, right?

Part Two of the Workbook for Students is delivering a style of lessons that I have been waiting a year for. It is like eating cake every day now, soul filling, delicious and satisfying. Yes, I said an entire year which translate into 220 lessons! The shift is a result of the lessons becoming more “digestible” as they present themselves in…

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