Calling All Cougars

Photo 2015-01-31, 9 58 21 PMMy animal loving 7 year old daughter chose the animal for today’s post. She went vegetarian over a year ago for ethical reasons and has a particular fondness for the big cats. She even wrote a book about Lynx and Bobcat’s over summer break in 2014; here are a couple of snap shots of pages from the book (yes, I am a proud mama!!!)fightbobcatLynx checklist_bobcatLynxCougar, also known as the mountain lion or puma, represents traits of leadership, critical thinking, assertiveness and forward motion. A fierce and graceful predator, the cougar embodies a no-nonsense approach to life. Cougar takes control of any situation, no matter the ramifications with others. This energy moves swiftly once a decision has been made and doesn’t look back.

Photo 2015-01-31, 9 57 49 PM

Cougar energy does need to be tamed with infusions of patience and compassion. Also, if you are looking for that someone special beware of this predator! The cougar energy is more of a player than someone who sticks around for your happily-ever-after if you know what I mean. The term, “here for a good time not a long time” comes to mind. Photo 2015-01-31, 10 02 43 PM

The cougar is your power animal if:

– you are an action oriented individual who is confident in your own decisions

– find yourself to be the leader in most situations in life

– enjoy time alone over socializing

– you are well balanced in your emotions

– you do what needs to be done with confidence even in the face of criticismPhoto 2015-01-31, 9 59 46 PM

If you are interested in spirit, totem and power animals, I have also written about the owldragonflybutterflywolfdeer and squirrel. I would love to hear about any impactful animal sighting you have had and I also consider requests for posts so please leave your feedback in the comments. My current plan is to write about the eagle and crow this month.

How do you know if you have an animal spirit guide? Typically if an animal shows up for you three times in a short period of time, there is a message for you. Not all of us live in an abundance of nature so be aware of photos, songs, patterns, clothing, accessories, sculptures, etc that you encounter.  I write about this in both my dragonfly and owl posts. If the animal shows up in a significant incident, the single sighting brings a strong message to you.

Cougar images sourced from: Google Images

All good things to you – Lisa _/|\_

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16 thoughts on “Calling All Cougars

  1. What a wonderful post, and How talented is your daughter, such a wise little soul.. And I thank you Lisa for this post.. it confirms what I have been dreaming of, Cats. LOL.. I just went over to Julianne’s blog and left her a message about an animal totem book I have kept dropping out, Then Julianne’s tarot reading incorporated Animal totems.. Now Your Post..
    Now I am sure Spirit have finally got their message across to me..
    Many thanks dear one, and thank you for your love and kindness and visit..
    Blessings Sue xx

    1. YES!!! I love all that synergy. I will have to check out her post also, sounds relevant! Have an absolutely beautiful day full of things that bring you peace and joy. I appreciate you so very much. Lisa

    1. I hear you Brad. I am not a cougar energy either!!!! But, in the end I think there are better energies like the wolf for us, strong, protective and loyal. All the best my friend.

  2. Ha, when I clicked this link, I was hoping that you would not be a scantily clad middle aged woman, and I was not disappointed. 🙂 I am drawn to cougars myself. We think we’ve seen a little bobcat hanging around our front porch.

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