Give Me a “Hoot Hoot” for the Owl

The animal lover in me has some pent up writing energy and I am back to blogging about spirit animals.SnowyOwl_20101213

I have been struggling to find time to write and I realized I needed to embrace topics that stir my creative juices. Apparently my owl guides thought that I was onto something because they showed up three times in less than an hour this morning.great_grey_owl_JariPeltomaki4

Sighting #1:  I see a wooden sculpture of an owl, front and centre on the lawn of a house I have parked in front of at the elementary school MANY times. Sighting #2: As we walk up to the school a little girl runs in front of us with an owl stuffy attached to her back pack. Sighting #3: Upon arriving home, I find an old drawing of an owl laying right beside my desk that one of my girls created last year.

This week’s messages are for meditation, stillness and silence and all of these traits are synonymous with the owl. In stillness, you will be more alert and in a stronger place to access your intuitive wisdom. Owl also can herald a period of unparalleled creativity, so make sure you set some time aside to release all that wonderful soul-enriching energy!

Once you access this state of presence, observe your surroundings and notice any questions or observations that arise in you.great_horned_owl_by_bioworkz-d7eh8pz

Many people have never seen an owl. This is because of there binocular vision and asymmetrical hearing; they do not need to move to know exactly where their prey is. It is only in your stillness and dedication that you will ever notice one high up in the trees. And if you are fortunate enough to see one swoop by, well lucky lucky you!!!12cityroom-owl2-blog480

If owl is your POWER animal:

– you see through people and get a sense of what they are all about

– you are an “old” soul and have been told this throughout your life

– you have a high emotional intelligence

– you have strong psychic abilities and a deep connection to your inner wisdom

If you are interested in spirit, totem and power animals, I have also written about the dragonfly, butterfly, wolf, deer . cougar and squirrel. I would love to hear about any impactful animal sighting you have had and I also love to get requests for posts so please leave your feedback in the comments.

We spent an afternoon at NIRWA last summer outside Coombs, BC, an animal rescue and rehabilitation centre where we captured this photo which I turned into one of my Happy Boxes.

This little guy is an educational owl for the NIRWA Rescue Centre on Vancouver Island, BC Canada.

This little guy is an educational owl for the NIRWA Rescue Centre on Vancouver Island, BC Canada.

We learned that you should never throw any food, even fruits and veggies, out of the car window as it is the #1 cause of death for birds of prey. The mice and rodents run onto the road to eat our garbage and when the owls swoop down to catch their prey they are struck by vehicles racing down the road. This centre gets hundreds of birds of prey each year, some will never be able to survive in the wild again.

Here are two cute owl images someone sent in an email I wanted to include just for fun!



Typically with spirit animals if an animal shows up for you three times in a short period of time, there is a message for you. Not all of us live in an abundance of nature so be aware of photos, songs, patterns, clothing, accessories, sculptures, etc that you encounter.  If the animal shows up in a significant incident, the single sighting brings a strong message to you. Can you think of a recent encounter with one of your fellow residents from nature?

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful rest of your day.– Lisa

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25 thoughts on “Give Me a “Hoot Hoot” for the Owl

  1. Like you, I pay attention when animals begin popping up on my radar, especially if they are acting unusually. My pen name, Corvus came when a raven followed me down the street while out walking. Definitely my power animal. Maybe you can share what you know about ravens/crows some time.

  2. Perfect topic. I have been stalking these owls in a cottonwood forever. Only recently, as it is mating season I suddenly had four or five encounters with them. Last night one was hooting over head and I didn’t see him until I’d left the stand and looked back one last time and I saw him outlined against the sky. What is seriously cool about this, is I’ve been looking for them and not seeing them until I had a meditation recently. In the meditation I’m given a gift. The gift was an owl feather. It was such a striking event, even now I can see myself reaching out and taking it. After that, the owls began to appear. So love, love, love, this post.

  3. I love owls! I have seen them too 🙂 In Norway owls are considered to be very wise. A couple of days ago I saw a fox, and I see eagles all the time, and I saw a snake in the river! I had an owl living outside my previous apartment. When I was young I saw deer all the time. But after I helped a bird, it seems that birds are always coming to me, especially when I am sad, then they come and knock at my window and sit on the window sill and look at me. Animals seem to like me and I like them too! 🙂

    1. You are operating on such a loving frequency they know you are listening and they love coming for play dates Trini, how beautiful. Thank you SO much for sharing your story here.

  4. I have an owl as my third eye totem 🙂 I haven’t heard them recently (and I’ve never seen them, though one of my neighbors did, on a windowsill), but we have screech owls in my neighborhood. I love to listen to their calls, one of which sounds just like a horse! Sometimes they get so close that my dogs start to bark at them. I hope they’ll be back soon!

  5. One for joy, two for joy, or is it vice versa, used to be the story behind sighting ravens, and a black cat crossing your way is considered inauspicious while sighting a cow first thing in the morning is deemed to be a sign of good fortune in India… Your owl story is a good anecdotal addition, Lisa…best wishes… Raj.

  6. I was just writing about Athena, the Greek God of Wisdom and her symbol was the owl… (note: Athena’s roman equivalent was Minerva!). Best wishes!, Aquileana 😀

  7. Last week I saw an owl swoop by in front of me when I was walking with Ms. Zulu. It landed on a tree next to the trail. When we stopped to look at him/ her, the owl just patiently sat and looked at us. I was even able to have a conversation so to speak. It felt special.

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