5 Ways To Create A More Joyous Holiday Season

Here is a short and sweet survival guide with 5 tips on enjoying your holidays and experiencing deeper, long lasting joy! Wishing you all love, laughter, abundance and joy! – Lisa _/|\_

Blazing Light of Glory

christmas-heartWhatever your Faith, December brings friends, families and co-workers together in social settings that can create situations that send us students of ACIM running for big blue at top speed!

Despite our best intentions, meditations and studies, our nearest and dearest know how to push our buttons like no-one else can. Why, some very special souls can even make us forget we ever heard of A Course in Miracles faster than you can say pass the holiday cheer!

Here is my list of survival skills for creating moments of peace, love and joy over the holiday season:

1. Live in the moment. This is a great time of year to laugh, love and be merry as you connect with love in your relationships. When you remember to sit back and relax in your Faith, you are guided by a power greater than your ego mind. Remembering that “the” plan is at…

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