A Sunbeam Unto the Sun

I am still struggling though my wrist injury but I am delighted to report I am living life more fully again. I am heeding the warning to slow down and honour the natural rhythms of life so I continue to take it easy on the keyboard. Today I re-blog my post from Blazing Light of Glory on honouring our light and the connection it has to life on earth. Have a wonderful day full of laughter and love! – Lisa

Blazing Light of Glory

As I prepared for my daily meditation for Lesson 157 – Into His Presence would I enter now, I looked out my window and saw an amazing cloud formation. Ever so briefly a small patch of blue sky  appeared. It made me think of how peace and serenity are always there, hiding behind the storm clouds. On those gloomy, dark, rainy days, we can forget the omnipresent truth of love, God/Source/the universe. cherry_blossoms

It was a stormy “wet” coast day here in Vancouver and as the clouds swirled around one another in a fiery dance of nature, it reminded me of a sentiment from the Course introduced to me while at a lecture by Marianne Williamson.

To paraphrase, we are like sunbeams unto the sun. There is no place where I stop and you begin. How hard, lonely and overwhelming can life feel when you identify with only a single ray of light surrounded by the…

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