Saying No Ends With a Period.

NoEndWithAPeriod_HBoxesMy collection of Happy Boxes is flourishing, and this is one of my favourites. The concept of not explaining myself has fascinated me since my teenage years.

How I love to observe human interactions and dialogues and the twisted turns they take. People are so uncomfortable saying no sometimes for some reason and it seems to be getting worse. I hear about it all the time from my clients.

The word no is so powerful it really does stand alone. In most cases, the more words that follow your “no” debase and devalue your position.

***Warning*** The first time you attempt this it will feel completley unnatural and you may even feel your heart racing, a little anxious and even have cold sweats coming on. Don’t give in. There will be a strong urge to speak. Stay silent and see how the conversation simply ends. This reward will empower you to keep practicing. I know you can do it!!!!!

This may be directed at my soul sisters out there but I ask you supportive guys to help out the ladies on this one. I know you understand where I am coming from on this, Men are From Mars Women Are From Venus after all (insert a wink and a smile!) Think of all the uncomfortable conversations you won’t need to have when the women in your life are comfortable owning the word no.

And yes, this applies to men as well, but in general the predominance of people affected by the Can’t Just Say No Syndrome is the female population.

Here in 2014, we need to embrace the word no as a loving word; a message of confidence, connection and kindness.

Sending peace, grace and love! Lisa

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12 thoughts on “Saying No Ends With a Period.

    1. Thank you Brad. As we having been exchanging comments this morning, I have been sipping away on my morning indulgence of yummy coffee, it feels like a cyber-play date and a wonderful welcome back to WordPress!

  1. The men in my life who love me would love for me to say just no. 🙂 It is me who has that explanation need, but I am improving! 🙂 🙂 Just saying no is challenging!!! It feels like I am rejecting someone, and that is hard because I know how it is to be rejected and it does not feel good. So I dont want to harm others the same way.

  2. I’ve come to LOVE that word no. It means I have learned and am still learning healthy boundaries. I was not allowed to say no as a child, so when I do now, that one tiny small word empowers me. And then some! (smile) Thank you, Lisa. Love, Amy

  3. That Little Word Lisa has been so hard in saying throughout my life.. Yet we have to learn to say No and learn that in doing so you are honouring your self. For we often forget and put others first.. We must remember we must love and nurture our own selves.. And saying NO to others and YES to self is a must if we want to preserve of our Health and Wellness..

    Wonderful reminder Lisa.. 🙂 Hugs to you ❤ Sue

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