Clearing Your Space

As much as I love shopping, I love throwing stuff out even more! This means when I hit the wall with toys on the floor or a closet full of clothes that I don’t want to wear or a drawer that won’t open due to the sheer volume of stuff inside – I donate, pay forward or recycle the things which no longer serve a positive purpose in our life.different copy

It is easy to hold onto keep sakes from our past, inheritances from relatives, the daily mail pile up, artwork from daycare, those just in case I ever put the weight back on clothes and the just in case I ever look like I did before having kids clothes, friends that drag us down but have been with us for years and worries that keep our mind from focusing on our best life. I have written more on living your best life in my last post and it is worth a read.

We all know that when we have clutter in our minds, work space and homes it becomes a life force. We extend energy on the “stuff” that becomes unavailable for our higher pursuits.

I challenge you to clean up one space this weekend. It could be your desk, a drawer or a relationship. Un-friend those folks on your Facebook page that drive you wild posting their every movement clogging up your feed or say no to an invitation that you really want to say no to but feel obligated to say yes. Some people have so much stuff that they pay money every month to store it in a storage facility. Think of how good it will feel to donate some of your stuff to people who really need it like a support group for teen moms, a single parent in your community, war veterans or anywhere that resonates with your heart.

It will feel so good that I would bet money that you will move onto another space as you are riding high on the good vibes! ClearYourSpace

Did I mention that you will make room for new energies to come in? Yes, this is key and a wonderful benefit of clearing space in your life. Just be sure not to replace everything you just cleared away. Allow the chi to flow for a while and raise your energy with good news. When I practice Feng Shui and clear out the Wealth and Prosperity corner in my house and place red objects there I will get a new client or find some money in my house within 24 hours.


Find some systems that work for organizing the items you want to keep and follow a simple rule for any item you will keep: You must love it or it must go. No matter who gave it you or how much it cost, once again it is all about the LOVE!BloomLisa_Bubbles


Photo credits: #1 – Google Images  #2 – Archangel Oracle Cards, Doreen Virtue and Hay House Publishing Photo #3: Happy Boxes Project by Lisa and Richard van Reeuwyk.

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Many blessings and thanks for helping me grow my spiritually based business! Namaste _/|\_ Lisaquarter_ad_ScSh_2014



15 thoughts on “Clearing Your Space

    1. Hi Brad, Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment; I have a tendon injury in my right wrist and have been taking a break from blogging:( Hope all is well and thank you so much.

      1. Excellent advice Brad. When big changes come, especially ones that slow me down, it reminds me to open up to the new world that awaits me and to really listen to the advice being offered. In this case, I had WAY to much on my plate. I am in the process of simplifying my daily tasks and focusing on my sweet little ladies more. Bring on the wonderful new energies indeed!!!

      1. Hihihihihi!!! 🙂 They only appreciated my cooking skills, hihihih! 🙂 I will enjoy decorating! 🙂 I think when I am done cleaning a whole room will be emptied! 🙂 Yaaay!! A blank canvas to paint on! 🙂 I feel its gonna be lots of pinks! 🙂 🙂 Have a lovely day! 🙂

  1. Dear Lisa, I am so pleased you dropped by, I thought I had not seen any updates from you, And will investigate why.. Lots of strange happenings on WP lately where by I have been unfollowed on some blogs I follow, Very frustrating.. So I am going to connect again via your email link updates to see if that solves it..

    Funny you should post about clearing space.. I spent the best part of Friday in my spare room/come art room, clearning and sorting out 🙂 Felt much better for it.. Even Hubby got into the swing on Saturday and cleared out ‘Some’ of his hoards in the garage LOL..

    Love the Feng Shui advice too 🙂

    1. Hi Sue, Sorry somehow I missed YOUR comment!! I have a pulled tendon in my right wrist and have been taking it easy on the typing the last few weeks. Good for you! I am always curious to hear about new flows of energy after a clearing of space has occurred; anything new in your world/house since all the work was done? Sometimes it is just a better vibe, but often it is much more than that! Be well sweet Sue and thank you for brightening my rainy day!

    1. Lori, It will feel SOOO good. You just made my day btw. Have a great week clearing your space in perfect timing for a new month to begin with new energy flow in your home and life. Enjoy sweet thing.

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