Dust Off Your Magic Wands

Sometimes it is hard to put into practice that which we know to be true.

Your mind and your perception of the world around you creates your life. Your ability to see how powerful this truth is can and will open many doors for you.

Life Coaching 101 – The Magic Wand ExerciseVisualization

When this card showed up as inspiration for my post today I was reminded of a tool I use in life coaching sessions, the magic wand exercise. It is quite important to maintain a sense of fun when making those big life decisions and this exercise stimulates imagination and creativity by breaking down your “rules” for your life. This exercise is effective, impactful and of little expense other than a tea, a pen and a notebook.

For this exercise, take a nice notebook and pen of choice and find yourself a quiet and peaceful spot to sit where you can write. You are not allowed to have any electronics within earshot for this exercise. So if you are out and about, leave your phone and tablet at home, shocking I know!!

Once you are comfortable and settled imagine a magic wand in your hand. In can look like anything you want, but visualize it to be a wand of great power. As you wave it, magic weaves itself through every corner of your life, paving a magical view of opportunity and abundance. You are now free to visualize your perfect life.eyes_rainbow

Here are a few points to take into consideration as you begin:

You live anywhere in the world, in any style of dwelling with anyone and anything.
You work anywhere in the world, in any style of work environment as part of any kind of team or lack there of that fulfills your life purpose.
You are as generous with your time, money and energy as you desire.
You health looks and feels exactly how you wish as does your spiritual practice and physical fitness regime.
Your lifestyle breaks down all known barriers and allows you to live in balance and harmony.

This is best done for the present, in one year, five years and retirement. The present will take up the most lines in your journal and the subsequent years will build on the foundation you have laid.

Once you have written it down it becomes a sacred contract. It becomes a living vital “ask” for your best life. If you haven’t realized this lately, please remember how powerful you are in creating your life. Allow you desires to fuel your decisions, your thoughts and your desires.

Have a magical week! – Lisa _/|\_ HeartsDesire_HappyBoxes


Photo credits: #1 – Visualization, Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards, Doreen Virtue and Hay House Publishing #2 – Google Images Photo #3: Happy Boxes Project by Lisa and Richard van Reeuwyk.

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6 thoughts on “Dust Off Your Magic Wands

  1. Very interesting, Lisa. I know visualizing is very powerful and on those days that are a struggle, it seems I shoot myself in the foot, as the good thoughts go out the window, leaving doubt and worry for me to shoo away. Walking the Talk is tough. I refuse to be a hyprocrit so yes every day is a conscious choice in which direction I desire my life to go. Thank you for this wonderful post and I hope your Health is on the upswing. Be Well, Lisa. Love, Amy

    1. Nice to hear from you Amy! You have been posting some gorgeous Fall shots I see!! Health has ups and downs but the good news is I now wearing glasses so the world is no longer blurring out on me. I am so happy to be able to see that I do n’t mind one bit. Keep on reaching for the stars sweet soul. Hugs, Lisa

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