As You Give You Will Receive

I wrote about transformation and awareness yesterday over at my other blog. I explore the idea that how we treat others manifests into how we treat ourselves. Enjoy the read and please add to the discussion; we created this blog as a resource and community for all souls on a spiritual journey. Thank you so much for stopping by. Light & love – Lisa

Blazing Light of Glory

Lately I am recognizing the wisdom the Course is lacing into my life, slowly and unassuming like a pair of simple yet stylish high top Converse sneakers. Until recent years, I would not have described myself as woman of faith. Although I had dabbled with the idea of God throughout my life, I struggled with the iconic version of the bearded white man passing judgement up in the clouds above. Now that I have reconciled what God actually is,  I can see how my life has transformed from the roots up into such a beautiful more loving experience.


Julie and I talk every week via FaceTime to review our weekly lessons. As I look back over the past 9 months since we began studying A Course in Miracles together in January, I am in awe of the evolution that has occurred in our lives.

Perhaps life would have taken us on this twirly whirly…

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