A Totem Animal Forest Series, Part Three – Misunderstood Mr. Wolf

I couldn’t write this three part series without including the wolf. If you haven’t already read them, the first two posts include Mr. Squirrel and Mrs. Deer.  The wolf evokes feelings of loyalty, nurturing and connection. When I realized the wolf was one of my power animals, the best way I can describe the sensations I felt is that the wolf made me feel like I was home and man did it feel good.

Photo 2014-09-21, 2 48 43 PM

Not too long ago, while listening to Songza, I found myself wondering if wolf was truly one of my Power Animals. The very next song had the artist howling like a wolf during the chorus, I believe it was a Katie Perry song but I can’t be sure. It made me laugh out loud; the universe does work in mysterious ways.

Wolf – Loyal, Family Oriented and Affectionatewolf_cuddle

When a wolf shows up it heralds a time of great spiritual protection. Old behaviours that no longer serve you are being left behind. This protective animal aids your confidence and self esteem as it asks you to trust yourself more now than ever. Just like a pack of wolves, embrace teamwork and cooperation over operating as a lone wolf.

You are not alone so get out there and have some fun with friends and howl at the moon! The wolf is after all the wild cousin of man’s best friend. You have a strong connection with the moon so pay attention to where you are in the rhythms of your life and honour those cycles.


If Wolf is your power animal:

– You prefer to avoid confrontations but possess unparalleled loyalty to your loved ones and will defend and protect them to the very end.

– Close bonds with community and family are of the upmost importance to you.

– You are a hugger! Affection comes easy to you.

– You lead from experience over formal education.

– People are always surprised to learn how shy you can be as you are very comfortable within your circle of friends and family.

When I saw this video I immediately watched it again. It is riveting, fascinating and has high production values. After just four minutes you will feel a renewed connection to the inter-connectedness of our planet and I hope, a newfound love and appreciation for the wolf. I highly encourage you to watch it.

I have two young daughters whose preference for Disney features dictates the selection for family movie night. I am now like a walking encyclopedia for the Disney Princess brand, I have achieved a Ph. D. in all things princess from the Snow White to Elsa and Anna and every woodland creature, evil step-mother and villain in-between.

Both Frozen and Beauty and the Beast depict frightening scenes of unprovoked hunger-crazed wolf packs chasing their intended prey with fierce and brutal force. While yes, wolves are carnivorous and hunt in packs, these movies spread a general untruth about wolves as man killers, spreading fear and distrust of this species. Much like the movie Jaws has done for the Great White Shark. Healthy wolves in the wild do not attack humans. This links to an article where you can expand on the dangers between wolves and humans, or should I say the lack of danger. The wolf is an iconic symbol with deep roots in spirituality and moon cycles. And just like spiritual matters, the wolf is so often misunderstood. They suffer from tremendous loss of habitat and population. I hope you have connected with your inner wolf and left the fear behind where it belongs.jeff-norton_wolf-kiss

Typically with spirit animals if an animal shows up for you three times in a short period of time, there is a message for you. Not all of us live in an abundance of nature so be aware of photos, songs, patterns, clothing, accessories, sculptures, etc that you encounter.  If the animal shows up in a significant incident, the single sighting brings a strong message to you. Can you think of a recent encounter with one of your fellow residents from nature?

If you are interested in spirit, totem and power animals, I have also written about the owldragonflybutterflydeer , cougar and squirrel.

Sending you light & love – Lisa

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27 thoughts on “A Totem Animal Forest Series, Part Three – Misunderstood Mr. Wolf

  1. Thanks Lisa. I’m glad to embrace some wolf energy. It might be a sign that I just rewatched and shared that video about wolves restoring ecosystems yesterday. XD

    Reminds me of my time living in Boulder, nearer to forests and a deeper connection with nature. sometimes I still use the animal medicine cards. Have a howling good time this week! 🙂

    1. Nice synchronicity! I will be sure to over and visit that post Brad. Thank you for sharing here and I love your well wishes!!!! And I wish you a howling good week as well;-)

  2. Hey Lisa,

    I hope all is well.

    This was a wonderful series of posts, thoroughly enjoyable in every regard, and as LadyPinkRose suggests an education as well. Thank you Lisa.

    I am particularly fond of the wolf, although it is not my power-animal, and value beyond words the safeguarding of their territories and the perpetuation of their species in the wild. They are a majestic animal whose myth and legend has pervaded our own history throughout the many centuries, from Norse and Celtic myth, associations with Greek Gods like Apollo, to being the she-wolf suckling Remus and Romulus the founders of Rome, to China, and into Native North America where Wolf and Coyote took on the larger than life attribute of being Creator figures…even if they did fight like a cat and dog.

    I am not sure how many wolves I am likely to see here in Wales, but one never knows 🙂 Certainly my pathway to work takes me across an area of woodland and heathland most popular with dog-walkers, and amongst the larger breeds that I have seen are at least 3 that bear a striking resemblance both in their size and physical appearance to a wolf. And they really are the most gentle of creatures (albeit with the longest teeth and tongue) and have such beautiful almond eyes that seem to stare straight through you as if observing something beyond the seen world. It is little wonder the Native Americans believed them to dance with the ghosts of the ancestors.

    And lastly, very happy to know that you are a Phd in Disney! Long may you fly that particular banner proudly. I am a complete sucker for all things Disney and probably always will be.

    Thanks again Lisa for creating this totem animal forest series. So pleased you put the wolf at the top of the totem 🙂


    DN – 29/09/2014

    1. How nice to hear from you Dewin! It has been awhile. And thank you for adding to the education with your historical knowledge of the wolf! Every now and then I too see a dog that strikes me and I can’t help but wonder if it is indeed part wolf. I am a big softie with a romantic heart so it is of no surprise that Disney still tugs at my heart strings and takes me back to one of the few sweet places of my childhood. Good luck with that wolf sighting…..I have a feeling you are going to need it in Wales dear one. Sending light & love – Lisa

  3. The wolf isn’t one of my totems, but I’ve noticed a number of fellow SoulCollagers have the wolf as a throat chakra totem–very appropriate, right? As you no doubt know, wolves are still being persecuted in the US today, and we have some serious ecological imbalances as a result.

    Dogs are genetically wolves, so I figure any dog lover should also be a wolf lover 🙂 One of my dogs has very long legs, and being a blue merle, has a lot of grey in her coat. As she circles at high speed, she sometimes really reminds me of a wolf. Wolfie is one of my nicknames for her 🙂

    1. I love that story about your dog Heather! Yes, I do know this about the US and it is part of the motivation for my post of the wolf and the entire forest series. The video about the re-introduction to YNP is so powerful too. Spread the word and the love! Thank you so much to you and Wolfie for sharing!!

      1. Just watched the video … guess who showed up in the doorway of my office to check out the howling? 🙂 Loved it … what a great brief explanation of the importance of wolves. It’s interesting to think about how wolves could be part of the solution to the increased flooding we’re experiencing due to global warming. I also didn’t know that wolves prey on coyotes. Thanks for the informative post 🙂

  4. One of my bucket list projects is to spend a few weeks (days) in a Jack London log cabin way up north and go to sleep at night listening to the wolves howl! Thanks fo this post.
    Take care

    1. That sounds like an amazing and soulful trip…and a howling good time Brian! Thank you so much for sharing it here and brightening up my day! All good things to you.

    1. I would mediate on that! Perhaps you were a wolf in a past life? Our connections are signs from the universe and should be trusted, the meaning is yours to uncover Liz! Please do keep me posted!

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