A Totem Animal Forest Series, Part Two – The Deer

Welcome to the second part of my forest animal series. Earlier this week I wrote about the squirrel and my next post will be on the wolf. I find the messages of our animal spirit guides so captivating and powerful; they are a wonderful tool to guide through the changes life brings.

The deer began showing up last year in a most profound and impactful way. So much so that it inspired me to write my first personal blog post involving my children. It remains to this day my favourite post. In May, a series of significant reoccurrences began with a gift I purchased at I Can Do It! Vancouver 2014. My oldest daughter knew a deck designed for small children was coming out filled with images of Cherubs and had been asking me for over a year when I could get the cards for her; lucky for us they made their retail debut at the conference.

My daughter pulled this card the first five times she used this deck.

My daughter pulled this card the first five times she used this deck.

I bought two sets for my girls and was able to have them autographed by the lovely Doreen Virtue. We call angels nightly and talk about them often so the message, “Your angels are always with you” makes perfect sense, but it was the deer on the card that began to resonate with me more and more. I intrinsically know that deer is one of my daughters power animal.

Since then deer have been popping up on our holidays, camping trips, on the road side and in interesting places in interesting moments represented in art, decor and images.

I walked out the front door of our holiday home on Bowen Island, BC to take some photos for my husband and met this deer up close.

I walked out the front door of our holiday home on Bowen Island, BC to take some photos for my husband and met this deer up close.

Deer – Intuitive, Creative and Adventurous  

Deer carry with them a sweet, energetic and innocent aura but the deer comes with a dark side too. Deer signifies a recent time of struggle and even aggression that she wants you to shake pronto! You are guided to surround yourself with people and places that offer peace and love rather than fear and conflict.

And please remember that this includes your inner environment. If deer is guiding you it is essential that you transform your inner dialogue into a kind and forgiving voice. Deer reminds you to regularly listen to the guidance of your intuition; trusting this guidance if of the upmost importance right now.

Deer may also be telling you to buckle your seatbelt because your life is about to hit the race track. This impending journey will teach you many great life lessons and enhance your understanding of happiness and fulfillment.

Life does not always want you to go in a straight line and deer energy can guide you through a time of free flowing energy. Her energy is creative and can lead you to new inspirations with her gentle and carefree vibes.

If these traits sound like you, then Deer is your power animal:

– You are closest with your own gender.

-You have a high emotional intelligence and feel an intimate knowledge of others emotions.

– You are adaptable as your life weaves and bobs in new directions.

– Outdoors is your favourite place to be, particularly in green space like hiking trails, forests, glens and fresh air.

I can’t cover the deer without talking a little bit about Stag! Having an encounter with this magnificent creature and his dominating antlers leaves a strong impression. His core message is the deers, Stag however brings a message of embracing your power and exerting your more masculine qualities.I like this as I write a lot about owning your power!A red deer stag roars in Richmond Park, London.

Typically with spirit animals if an animal shows up for you three times in a short period of time, there is a message for you. Not all of us live in an abundance of nature so be aware of photos, songs, patterns, clothing, accessories, sculptures, etc that you encounter.  If the animal shows up in a significant incident, the single sighting brings a strong message to you. Can you think of a recent encounter with one of your fellow residents from nature?

I love learning and writing about spirit animals. I find it enhances my reading sessions with clients in new and meaningful ways. If you are interested in learning more about one in your life, please leave it in the comments and I will consider it for a future post. If you are interested in spirit, totem and power animals, I have also written about the owldragonflybutterflywolfcougar and squirrel.

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Many blessings and thanks for helping me grow my spiritually based business! Namaste _/|\_ Lisa (aka BloomLisa)quarter_ad_ScSh_2014

13 thoughts on “A Totem Animal Forest Series, Part Two – The Deer

  1. When I was a teenager I met a deer in the forest!! He was huge, and he bowed to me, and I bowed back! 🙂 We were only a metre away from each other, and we looked into each other’s eyes, it was magical!!!! 🙂

    1. Wow Trini, that is magical. Lucky lucky you. I would say moments like those are pivotal in shaping your connection with all life!!!! I rally appreciate you sharing your experience here! Have a wonderful weekend Bella!! Sending love and hugs!!!

    1. Thanks Heather! I left a comment just now on your post, but I am so grateful that you shared your meditation and animal collage. THANK YOU!! Have a wonderful week sweet thing!

  2. It’s so lovely to read about the deer 🙂 i was very fortunate a while back to walk to the end of my country lane and come face to face with a deer, it was a beautiful experience 🙂 i look forward to having more time where i can sit and read through your series 🙂

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