A Totem Animal Forest Series, Part One – Mr. Squirrel

This summer I met a lot of interesting characters on my adventures paddling and camping along the beautiful BC coastline. One character that remained a constant in my travels was the squirrel. I promised back in July that I would write about him at some point and I like to keep my promises!

The squirrel is the first of a three part series I have planned that will be followed by the deer and the often misunderstood wolf.

Mr. Squirrel – Resourceful, Organized & Honest

A common association with squirrel is the gathering of nuts and “squirrelling” them away for a rainy day. Squirrels scurry about, up and down trees, along fallen logs and seemingly always have something to do.

This little guy was a permanent guest at our campsite. I am feeling inspired to blog about the squirrel in August.

This little guy maintained a routine perimeter tour of our campsite demonstrating a mastery of the terrain and a laissez faire attitude towards the excitable children trying to catch him.

Squirrel sends a message of inevitable change. As things evolve, your life will be enhanced by clearing out clutter in your life. This is an easy one to follow, I mean who does’t want more room for new opportunities, relationships and a more abundant energy flow? You can feel this change coming and it is best to embrace it rather than avoiding the inevitable. I wrote a post on different ways to detoxify your life if you are interested in exploring this further.

Like a squirrel gathering nuts preparing for a long winter, you too must use this time to be cautious, prepared and vigilant. In doing so try to maintain a sense of balance in your work by scheduling some fun into your calendar!

He may be small but this little woodland creature is a strong messenger of perseverance and can climb any obstacle in its way! I love how squirrels always live near humans; we are closely connected to each other.

This little guy was anything but shy at Rathtrevor Beach, BC. An opportunist enjoying the bounty provided by messy little kids at the picnic table.

This little guy was anything but shy at Rathtrevor Beach, BC. An opportunist enjoying the bounty provided by messy little kids at the picnic table.

Squirrel is your POWER animal if these characteristics describe you:

-You absorb information best by doing rather than listening.

-Traits include being very organized, sociable and resourceful.

-You are upfront and honest in your relationships personally and professionally.

-You practice situational awareness as part of your strong survival skills. You are taken care of.

-You can be a bit erratic and need to be still, calm and listen to your inner guidance.

– You have an inherent sense of when it is best to retreat and when to confront less than ideal situations.

Photo credit – Richard van Reeuwyk

Typically with spirit animals if an animal shows up for you three times in a short period of time, there is a message for you. Not all of us live in an abundance of nature so be aware of photos, songs, patterns, clothing, accessories, sculptures, etc that you encounter.  If the animal shows up in a significant incident, the single sighting brings a strong message to you. Can you think of a recent encounter with one of your fellow residents from nature?

I love learning and writing about spirit animals. I find it enhances my reading sessions with clients in new and meaningful ways. If you are interested in learning more about one in your life, please leave it in the comments and I will consider it for a future post. I wrote about the Dragonfly which you can read more about here and also the butterfly.

Sending you light & love – Lisa

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Many blessings and thanks for helping me grow my spiritually based business! Namaste _/|\_ Lisa (aka BloomLisa)quarter_ad_ScSh_2014





14 thoughts on “A Totem Animal Forest Series, Part One – Mr. Squirrel

    1. Yes, I discovered earlier this year that squirrel is a power animal for me too – who knew?!?! I hope all is going well with the compassion project you are involved in. Thanks for stopping by and spreading your light Brad.

  1. Thank you for this Lisa… Love Squirrel.. Now what has been showing up for me is Spider.. One fell on me the other evening in my home.. it was not a money spider.. Then I had one crawl on me while I was in my car. How it got there I don’t know.. Luckily I am over my fear of them, I had just pulled up.. and managed to shake him out into the carpark bushes..
    Last night a HUGE spider and I mean if you took a pint pot glass, which I did to capture him his legs only just were enclosed.. I could see his eyes, and hairs on his legs LOL…
    He too went outside..
    I am embracing my creative side at the moment, so hopefully this is its message. I am listening loud and clear.. and do not really need another reminder lol..

    Great post Lisa and looking forward to the other power animals in the future 🙂
    Hugs Sue

  2. Wow, you were mentioning the spider back in June on my dragonfly post! I will just have to do a series on insects. Halloween makes a good time to post on spiders don’t you think? Hairy legs….creepy!!! I feel like I always know the truth when I hear it, where the message resonates with a place deep within and so it goes for you and mr/ spider. I have it still with dragonfly. They follow me around and fly around me in circles. Sometimes they land right in front of me. And the transformation continues…. I have enjoyed all of your comments today, a bright light indeed! Thank you so much.

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