A Single Ray of Light

Just in case you are having one of those days where it is hard to see the forest through the trees, remember:

bloomlisa.com, sunrise


You have become caught up in the daily grind of being a human being in the 21st century and you have forgotten who you really are.


This is a continuation on my new Happy Boxes project co-created with my husband’s photography. These two extremely different photographs inspired very different messages. I love how the juxtaposition of their subject matter compliments the message, from darkness to full bloom!

If you leave this post feeling happier, more centred and uplifted then my mission has been accomplished.

Sending you light & love – Lisa

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Many blessings and thanks for helping me grow my spiritually based business! Namaste _/|\_ Lisa (aka BloomLisa)quarter_ad_ScSh_2014

9 thoughts on “A Single Ray of Light

  1. I love the winking! 🙂 Hihihihi!! 😀 When I was little I practiced winking with both my eyes, and became an expert! 🙂 Hihihi!! 🙂 I love the happy box! 🙂 It could also be like a Christmas calendar you know, for advent, one happy card for each day of Decemeber up till Christmas! 🙂 I did that a year. One year I did the happy notes for myself cause I needed them, another year I did it for others, I gave one happy note to a different person every day of December! It was so much fun!! 🙂

    1. I love that. Perhaps I can publish a calendar with all the spiritually focused important dates on it! Thank you so much for stopping by and spreading your light Trini!!! Nice to see you hear;-) (Big wink!!!) hugs

    1. Maybe it will be in the mirror tomorrow. Just think of the thrill you will feel as the recipient of so much love from such a gorgeous, talented, brilliant and fabulous lady such as yourself!!!! Don’t forget to wink;-)

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