Don’t Shoot the Messenger

I really love this card.

Have you ever met someone who shares their point of view without any regard for your feelings or even an awareness that you might have some? Or how about a relative who shares their opinion loud & proud a little too often? Well these people are your Page of Air. Their lack of tact doesn’t mean that they are bad people, some folks just shoot straight from the hip.

Page of Air will show up when you need to hear a crystal clear truth that you have not been open to receiving. It has become quite important that you hear this truth right now. Liking the tone in which it is delivered is not a pre-requisite for this particular course however!

Change is all around us. The pillars of society are rocky at best. Time can be of the essence and for the Page of Air there is no time for tact; it is business time!Page_Air

The imagery of this card is strong, aggressive and powerful. Not only is she armed with focused intention and a very large sword, but she has quite a team at her side. Just like the her sword, the truth she delivers can cut deep wounds. She holds an illuminated world in the palm of her bear paws adorned with grizzly bear sized claws. I don’t know about you, but I would not mess with her! Of note, this person can be either a male or female.

With an erupting volcano in the background symbolizing the ever-present creative forces at work, we see a lion (courage, power, strength), a wolf (intelligence) and a unicorn (purity and integrity) in the foreground.

One more note on the wolf; wolves have a very keen sense of hearing. You too must increase your awareness to receive important messages coming your way. Leave your ego at the door and listen to the message; there is no room for emotion here.

We all know someone who can deliver a message of truth that cuts right to the bone. Please, don’t shoot the messenger! The guidance may be abruptly delivered but you will reap the greatest benefit if you can separate the message from the messenger. Lessons are actually blessings in your life.

Have a wonderful week. I am available for local and long distance readings with spiritual counselling. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and share your light in my world. Peace, grace and love. – Lisaquarter_ad_ScSh_2014Please Like my BloomLisa Facebook Page by clicking the Like icon on the side bar on the right or by visiting my page by clicking here and checking it out for yourself. I post messages of inspiration there daily. Many blessings and thanks for helping me grow my spiritually based business!

3 thoughts on “Don’t Shoot the Messenger

  1. Yes I have met many such people of this nature Lisa.. Mostly their intentions are well meant.. And sometimes its those home truths which are delivered which hurt the most.. Some people wrap them up so they do not sting while others as you say shoot from the hip..
    I know from being a manager in the past I have had to deliver some not so good messages.. But I hope I didnt shoot from the hip.. I always spoke as I would wish to be spoken too.. with considerations of a persons feelings and circumstances..

    Thank you for explaining this card.. which I have not come across before.. 🙂

    1. So nice to see you and hear from you Sue! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here and your personal experience. I imagine you were one of the nicest and sweetest managers around! Treating others as you wish to be treated is a mantra we can all benefit from. Sending light & love to you sweet Sue!

      1. I gained respect.. both from the teams I was in charge of and from the top executives.. It was an honour to then be picked out to go abroad to train in Sri Lanka, An experience that has never left me.. Our Factory finally closed its doors as the overseas ones took off.. At the end of the day.. we are all numbers within the Work Force… But I sometimes often run into ex colleges who still have a smile.. 🙂

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