Embrace Your Inner Aphrodite

I am being called to awaken some divine feminine energy in my social media circle. The message is loud and clear that the time for talking about change is over; it is time for change. This is big change too. Wether you live in a progressive country like me here in Canada or you live in fear of persecution for simply being yourself on the other side of the planet, we all need to embrace the changes of this world. I am going to weave the message around the incredible, provocative and powerful goddess, Aphrodite.Aphrodite

A quick reminder for those who aren’t familiar with her origins, Aphrodite is a Greek goddess of love and passion. Astrologically she is associated with the planet Venus and her name means “foam born”. Very sexy indeed! I have a little PG 13 disclaimer here before you continue reading. You may be surprised to know that the most popular legend about her origins states Aphrodite sprang from her father Uranus’ castrated genitals that had been cast into the sea by Cronus. Yes I know, it is quite a dramatic and passionate birth. I love that the man went through the harsh labour pains for a change, don’t you? In all seriousness though, this is the back story to Aphrodite’s brazen sexual energy.  It is said she had no childhood, but rather began her life as a desirable sexually mature young woman. aphrodite

The power of the feminine energy must be honoured and cherished. It through equality and education that balance and sustainability will thrive and win out around the world. Aphrodite asks both you ladies and men to embrace your inner goddess and share it with the world. When there is an imbalance of male and female energy unsustainable patterns emerge.

Unfortunately many of these dangerous patterns have turned into the pillars of society where women are not equal to men. Luckily many societies have said good bye to outdated laws and cultural norms but too many misogynistic societies are still seeking a path to escape from this shroud of darkness.

There is only one you. No one else can tell you exactly how to be the most authentic you except yourself. So work your life like a catwalk, beam that magnificent smile of yours out into the atmosphere so that it lights up the sun and never apologize for being sensitive, or honest or authentically you. If you need to heal any sexual abuse in from your past, now is the time to acknowledge the pain and release it. The aggressor is the only one who should feel shame.

Dance, sing, open your heart, embrace your softer side. The world is full of harshness so be your own soft place to fall.

Truly, you are beautiful inside and out. You were created by a loving energy that wants you to thrive, create and prosper. Thank you so much for sharing this space with me. Both of our energies will be lifted by sharing this space and embracing our inner goddess together. Now go out there and show the world some va-va-vroom as you connect with your inner Aphrodite.

All good things to you goddesses – Lisaquarter_ad_ScSh_2014

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