What the Heck Does Salvation Mean Anyway?

Hello friends! I am a summer schedule for blogging. Here is a little post on the importance of support on my Course in Miracles blog. I hope you too are enjoying the sunshine more than your keyboard these days. Namaste – _/|\_ Lisa

Blazing Light of Glory

For most of us living in the modern world, we have taken a sharp turn away from a life filled with support. I am certainly one of these people.

With no parents to help me raise my children in any way at all and no family living in or near our house of two working parents to help out, I feel a burden much of the time. Let me re-phrase that. I find myself re-training my thoughts to stay positive, give myself more credit and when I see those dust bunnies piling up I don’t let it define me as a mother. It is a beautiful dance and as I spin to the left then to the right, I am often left dizzy from the fullness of it all.storm_rain

The Course offers a form of support I wasn’t expecting and man alive am I grateful for it. The teachings create such…

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3 thoughts on “What the Heck Does Salvation Mean Anyway?

    1. Nice to see you back sweet Sue. Summer is a time for gardening and connecting with nature and from what I have seen you have a remarkable garden for doing just that!! Light & love – Lisa

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