Stretch Your Wings and Fly

It seems to me that this week you need some encouragement. Here we meet the soulful, nurturing, confident and sensuous Queen of Fire. An adept multitasker who blends her own brand of charm with irresistible independence. She combines Aries (task completion) and Pisces (nurturing and intuitive) to perfection. Sounds good to me!QofFire

She is here to tell you that you are magnificent, just like her. She wants you to realize that you already embody all the traits that you think about attaining “in the future”.

This card makes me think of the heart and solar plexus chakras. She is simply glowing in a golden hue emanating self confidence. Her throne, crown and bracelet are all adorned with emeralds representing an open heart chakra. Living life in your heart rather than your head keeps you in the flow and eases transitions. Her friend the dragon reminds us that friends make everything better, so go create something exciting with someone you care about.chakras

Perhaps when you see this card you are reminded of someone in your life. Today is a good day to reach out to them and see what creative sparks fly!!

I recommend you take a few deep breaths and look at her. The artwork is emotive and sensual and is a perfect illustration of how a picture can be more powerful than words.

Choose your words wisely.  Set your intentions in the present tense so that you manifest your desires into your life now rather than into the “just beyond reach” in the future sometime tense.

This card is from the Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine and Doreen Virtue. Artwork is by Steve A. Roberts. Publisher: Hay House.

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Sending you peace, grace and love. Namaste – Lisa

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18 thoughts on “Stretch Your Wings and Fly

  1. “Living life in your heart rather than your head keeps you in the flow and eases transitions…” Yes!! This is super….great for me…Thank You!!! Hope everything is super in your world Lisa!! ❤

    1. Thank Lorrie. You are one of the most powerful and gracious women I have come across. I know it hasn’t always felt that way, but you have learned and fought your way back. Now you spread beauty and nurturing love around the world with your bright light. Thank you for being a Queen of Fire in my life! All good things to you.

      1. Awww….thank you Lisa!!! I am filled with happiness to hear your words….and I send it back to you a hundredfold! I am so grateful that our paths have crossed. You are one of the people that I get a very clear energy reading on….and I just love your energy!!! Here is to us all spreading our bright light around the world! Much love to you….I have you have a super duper weekend!! ❤

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