The Daily Battle To Forgive

Here is my latest post from my other blog as I delve into the battle of forgiveness. Light & love!!

Blazing Light of Glory

Funny how my spiritual growth often feels like a battlefield. Only the battlefield is within and sometimes spills out into my family life. I must say I often feel more frustrated than I did before I began studying the Course; certainly not what I was expecting taking on psychological training to bring love into all situations.discipline

There are real and symbolic deaths occurring all around me. I have said goodbye to friendships that no longer make sense in my life. I no longer wish to drink alcohol so I no longer wish to socialize the way we have been for many years. Trust me, there are Friday nights after a long busy week of life, work and the kids where a nice glass of wine still feels like the best thing for EVERYONE in the house (lol), but more and more this too is falling to the wayside.

There are many areas…

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