What Do You See?

If someone cuts you off as you cross the street, nearly running you over, what will you do about it? Your perception of the events will ultimately paint the picture of what happened in those moments. You could tell everyone you see that morning about that terrible driver and how you almost lost your life that morning. This keeps the feelings alive, building on the impact of it. You could say a thank you to the universe for not getting run over and put it behind you.You could choose to recognize that we all have moments where we could be more present, recognizing the lesson that has been presented to you, after all in the end we are all human.

The choice is yours. Perception does create reality.

The more I am aware of how my perception creates my life, the more I feel in control of my life. This is a very good thing!albert_einstein

That said, I am definitely honing my craft. I still lose my patience, feel frustrated and long for inner peace in hot moments. I remind myself that that is natural, that I too am a….human being.

My work with ACIM (A Course in Miracles) has me quite hot under the collar lately. As I pursue a more forgiving, open hearted way of life I seem to be feeling quite the opposite. I am realizing just how high the mountain is that I have chosen to climb. I must say, I am feeling the pressure of it all and my ego is fighting it tooth and nail. I am lucky to have such a wonderful husband!dandelion_wish

I keep coming back to this idea, that universal law is the only law. My “reality” is mine alone and therefore, not real. My perception is just that, and if I smile and have fun all will be well. All good things to you my friends.

Peace, grace and love! Lisa

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11 thoughts on “What Do You See?

  1. I’ve been working with forgiveness too Lisa. I like your “hot under the collar” description! I like another approach I got from Matt Kahn to offer silent blessings to everyone and anything that triggers us. It helps keep me more connected to self and others. Matt suggests using something like ” I forgive you, bless you and release you to be free”. Thanks for being real. 🙂

    1. I love that! Thank you so much:) i have used a similar trick from ACIM, where you look at people around you (not so they would notice!) and mentally say, “The love in me salutes the love in you.” Your comment is a good reminder to get back in that kind of groove!!! I feel like I am making some real progress otherwise it wouldn’t be affecting me so much. I look forward to my next big break through! All good things to you sweet soul!!

  2. This really resounded with me today. I’ve been trying to practice radical forgiveness and some of the principles in ACIM as well…..when the person in my life I thought struggled the most with unforgiveness suggested we wipe the slate clean, I at first thought great! Until I realized it was actually me who was struggling with unforgiveness. I also like Brad’s suggestion. I’m going to have to try that one!

    1. Thank you so much Shelah. Isn’t that the truth? Sometimes ilife gives a good smack upside the face when we really need it. Best to keep our sense of humour about these things! Nice to meet you sunshine, have a beautiful day!

  3. Something like this happened today. When the other driver cut in front of me suddenly, I realized he had thought I’d done the same to him earlier as he had not seen the car about to pull into my lane, causing me to slow down. He frightened me and I first didn’t understand his actions. I could feel that frightened instinct of anger well up, but I thought I can choose this path or I can see us both as sacred beings, really the same, clumsily trying to figure out life. Acting, reacting and sometimes making a mess of it. I thought, if I can bless him for showing me this moment, rather than condemn him for his actions we both leave this interstate free. I really believe people’s spirits can feel us blessing them. That choice made it an awesome day. Great post.

    1. How I love the synchronicity! That is a beautiful story and I thank you for sharing it here. I admire your ability to take that perspective on it too. Love, light & goodnight Noelle!

    1. Thank you for your support, you are so kind & generous with your comment. Some days it feels that way, but not all days! I feel like I am making my way down the path, one foot in front of the other. Light & love!

  4. I’ve experienced this boomerang effect before too, Lisa 🙂 Just means you’ve successfully challenged yourself to grow! My theme song for those moments is “Hello darkness, my old friend” …

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