Butterfly Maiden Ties it All Together

The Butterfly Maiden came to me this morning as a crystal clear messenger of change. She sails in on a warm breeze with a few other like minded messengers of late. I am one to pay attention to the signs and synchronicity of life. So today I am writing about our good friend, the butterfly.Butterfly_Maiden

Of course, this time of year the butterfly abounds in nature. Spring is morphing into summer and with all this fertile energy comes transformation. This card, Butterfly Maiden, signifies a period of celebration over the “death” of old habits, relationships and objects. She asks us to shift our focus onto the future and to celebrate the new higher vibration experiences that await us. Now that we have made some room from clearing out our closets, inboxes and contact lists – embrace the new arrivals!! 

The butterfly encourages us to to lighten up and have more fun. This is another message with a recurring pattern. 

Other strong butterfly messages have come my way of late. I recently shared a post on this blog, Blessings of a Dragonfly, which was quite popular. It garnered the most interesting comments and feedback in the history of my blogging career. I delved into the world of spirit and totem animals and was able to learn about a few new ones thanks to my blogosphere posse including the praying mantis, deer and hummingbird. 12A-butterfly_wallpaper

Kansen Sakura wrote this in my comments about butterflies, “Someone told me years ago, during my Woodstock days, that the small white/yellow butterflies were the spirits of our loved ones following us and reminding us of how we were loved and that they were always with us. My grandmother would go outside to the garden and soon, would have the little ones swirling about her, resting on her hair and clothes. My father as well.”do_it_w_love

These little butterflies started showing up for me shortly after my own father passed away, so this comment touched my heart and soul deeply.

Recently, fellow blogger, Anarette wrote a beautiful post about butterflies, inspired in part by a comment I made on her blog about starting a movement to plant milkweed for the monarch’s. The monarch butterfly is in trouble. Their numbers are falling dramatically. Monarchs only lay there eggs on one species of plant, the Milkweed. If you can, please plant some seeds today!! To learn more about how you can help the monarch, here is a link to her blog post that has several resources to help.Book-Of-Life-Butterflies-1

Next time you see a butterfly take a moment to enjoy it, smile and listen to your inner guidance. The Butterfly Maiden card is from Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

Peace, grace and love! Lisa

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23 thoughts on “Butterfly Maiden Ties it All Together

    1. Thanks Anarette! You are an inspiration. Here is hoping that through a simple act of planting seeds we can create amazing change just like the delicate flutter of a butterfly wing:) Light & love.

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for this. Elaine from Shannon’s clinic here (and Visual Meringue – and Thrifys! ha ha). Anyway! I just had to tell you about what just happened.

    I just read your blog post (I love them) but must have missed the Blessings of A Dragonfly one that you referenced so I just went over and read that one too. Whenever I hear of Dragonflies I always think of my sister because (as I think you know from the Healing Cedar’s fundraiser) she passed away in January 2013 at Crossroads Hospice. Dragonflies are their symbol/logo and they have them everywhere there.

    I see Dragonflies at my parents cabin as it’s right on the water. We always see them by the lake and have for years so when I see one there I don’t necessarily think it’s her as I’ve been seeing them there for years – many before she passed. I don’t normally see them around here at all. Anyway, right after I read your post, I happened to get up and look out the window here at work in Burnaby and sure enough, a dragonfly flew right by the window. It even hovered around a bit, it wasn’t zooming by but sort of just flying around. I have NEVER seen one here. I couldn’t believe it. What timing. Crazy!

    I had never thought about if I have an animal guide or not. Very interesting topic.

    Just wanted to share 🙂

    Take care, Elaine.

    1. Elaine, what a beautiful story!!! And I am so excited for you to start connecting with your animal guides. Reading your comment gave me full body chills. Btw- no introduction required. I know who you are sunshine. Please let me know if you see more dragonflies in nature or in life in the next little while.

      My father spent his last weeks in hospice care; the dragonfly holds a tender spot in my heart too.

      And thank you so much for your kind words, it warms my heart to know you enjoy my writing! Light & love.

    2. I had to tell you, when I got home today there were three large dragonflies dancing around outside my front door! They put on quite a show:) light & love Elaine.

  2. Oh, I just recently published a poem about Butterfly Maiden, did you read it? Now, I really want you to read it! 🙂 Butterfly Maiden is my Goddess this year, my whole New Years Eve was dedicated to her, I wrote a prayer to her, and did some small rituals dedicated to her. She is so lovely! She has been with me this whole year, and I have been feeling the effect of her grace on my soul 🙂 I love this post BloomLisa! It is so lovely! 🙂 Here is the link to the poem if you want to read it. I mean if you haven’t already. 🙂 http://pathsofthespirit.wordpress.com/2014/05/27/butterfly-maiden/

    1. The courage of a lioness raging in her heart…..that stirs my soul! No I hadn’t read it, which is unusual so many thanks for sharing it with me. As usual it is a stunning expression of your beauty Line. I hope you are working on a book!!! I love that she is your goddess this year. I have done that the past two years and plan to make it a life long habit. Vesta has been with me for two years now, bringing positive changes into my home and family. Sometimes she works in curious ways, but we are transforming into a stronger more united foursome all the time. Love!!!

  3. A beautiful post Lisa, and you are right about Butterflies seemingly messengers I went on holiday abroad one year way back and my best friend had recently passed to spirit… I was on the balcony overlooking the sea.. When a huge butterfly I could not identify landed on the railings right in front of me.. I held my breath almost not daring to move… I continued thinking with tears in my eyes about my friend, when the butterfly flew up and touched my head as it flew off…. I swore that was her way of showing me she too was thinking of me.. and not to be so sad.. Even though I fully knew she had transformed and was happy in the after life.. my heart still missed her..

    Thank you for this post… I am lightening up and having much more fun this summer as I relax and paint in my spare time…
    Love and Blessings dear Lisa… this post touched my heart all over again 🙂

    1. What a beautiful story Sue. I am so grateful to you for sharing it here and adding such beauty to this post. All good things to you earth angel! I wish you many butterflies dancing in your garden this summer and always:) peace, grace & love.

  4. omg Lisa i love this article; i am such a fan of butterflies, i have always loved butterflies but i kept this a secret. Until one year ago when i just wanted to be more open, to just be more of me. Now everybody around me knows i love butterflies. This is good but what stroked me most is that now in my reality i see butterflies everywhere. Sometimes alive butterflies, but mostly on T-shirts, bags of people, logos, they just show up like a symbol in my reality. It makes me feel amazing, like i am noticed, like God definitely knows i am here, there is no doubt about it. And also when butterflies show up in my reality i know i am on a high vibration 🙂 i am now using this to check my vibration level.

    1. That is so beautiful Elana! Thank you for sharing your story and adding to the beauty of the butterfly post. Nature has so many gifts to offer us if we just slow down and take notice!! And thank you so much for all the love you have been spreading on my FB page too, you are awesome!!! Light & love to you sweet soul.

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