I Have Never Enjoyed Getting Told Off So Much!

I saw Caroline Myss speak for the third time just a few weekends ago. It never ceases to amaze me how year after year she can scold an auditorium for a rock solid 90 minutes. At the end of her keynote she then receives an enthusiastic standing ovation cut short as the audience pours frantically out the aisles to buy her books by the bagful and line up by the hundreds for an autograph. Bless!attract

Well and truly she is amazing. She has a no nonsense style and a confidence in her message that pulls you in. Paired with her archetype of the universal North American “Mom”, she gets your attention and keeps it. 

I will keep it brief for today sharing two take away messages that have had significant impact on my life this past year. After a lengthy discussion on archetypes she emphatically relayed how it was essential for individuals to identify their own. Carolyne says there is no other way to figure out what drives our behaviour. This is the path to achieve true personal revelations and growth.

I am far enough along and I am comfortable with my blogger friends and your supportive natures to admit I have lived most of my life with a STRONG “pouter” archetype. Once I identified this last spring, (thank God and thank you Caroline!) I watched the revolution begin.

Why I ever thought feeling so hurt or so abandoned or so misunderstood and then so wounded would serve me well is beyond me! How could I be so narcissistic without realizing it for so many years? It made me love and appreciate my husband that much more, let me tell you. I catch my “pouter” tendencies now and nip them in the bud. I also see them in my children and I am able to put it all into a better perspective.

Think about your defining archetypes and how they affect your happiness; it can be transformative. Just Breath

The other thing she said that resonated so profoundly with me was this,

“Who do you think you are not to have any problems? Yes, you. Why are you so special that above and beyond every other person on this planet you don’t deserve to have any problems?”

I mean truly, we talk ourselves into so many different scenarios as to why we do or don’t deserve one thing or another. The truth remains that suffering and difficulty is a mainstay of the human existence. We all have problems. Period. 

Personally I found it quite liberating. So I have stopped over thinking my troubles and accept them for what they are. Problems are a staple of the human existence and now I find it easier to just get on with living life.

Peace, grace and love! Lisa

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14 thoughts on “I Have Never Enjoyed Getting Told Off So Much!

  1. I have never seen her (or read her books) but it sounds like she puts out a powerful message…will have to see. As far as the “pouter”…OUCH!! Hurt…abandoned…misunderstood…wounded…narcissistic!!!! Double…triple… quadruple…so on and so forth OUCH!!!
    Great post, Lisa! Much love…great week 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Lorrie! Yes, I feel you. It obviously stings to look back at my pouter ways and the opportunities that I passed by because of it, but I always remember to love myself, flaws and all!! No looking back…onwards and upwards:)

  2. Lisa where would I find more on archtypes? I am very interested in learning more about this. Enjoyed your post! I have been able to realize the second part of your post for sometime now which has helped me greatly in not letting things get me worked up as much as I used to but archtypes, that intrigues me……

    1. Hi Kelly, thank you so much for the comment. How wonderful to find something that resonated with you. We all have different paths to learning don’t we, now exciting. I will follow up with some links for you on archetypes tomorrow, just off to dreamland. Light & love.

    2. Here is a link on Caroline Myss’ website to 70 different archetypes: http://www.myss.com/library/contracts/three_archs.asp

      Here is a link to a write up on what archetypes are and some history: http://www.myss.com/library/contracts/archetypes.asp

      She has a book called Sacred Contracts and also one Archetypes: Who Are You. She has a card deck that is useful for learning more about archetypes. You can order them online at amazon or find them at a new age bookstore.

      I am into cards and have been thinking about buying these either in printed form or as an app. I haven’t had time to really sink my teeth into this yet. This year I became a student of A Course in Miracles. That remains my primary focus for spiritual learning. I do see myself digging into this next year!!! I hope you find these links helpful Kelly.

  3. Its hard when we start opening up to ourselves that we are far from perfect.. I have found the Universe often would send me a person whose traits I didn’t like, and then realise some of those traits I had within me.. We are often shown a mirror image by those we come into contact with… I now give thanks for the conflicts because they show me what needs working on..
    And getting told off is not a bad thing lol,.. It keeps us focused showing us we are human with all the baggage we carry along with us.
    The trials in life have more often than not led me to a better place…
    Without them I would not be who I am today…

    I am much more mellow today… as I have learnt not to fight or resist changes, but to go with them and allow them to flow.. So too life flows more easily along the river of existence.. 🙂
    Blessing to you and yours …

    1. Yes, the flow is where it is at! It is such a learning process to overcome the tendencies of our ego. I wish our elusive “true self” wasn’t so elusive at times, haha. Thank you so much for sharing your experience e sweet Sue. As always you are an inspiration! Light & love.

  4. Beautiful post and reminders Lisa. Thanks for sharing Carolyn and your wisdom. I don’t know her archetypes, but probably have some of that pouter too. And I’ve been learning to accept my feelings while hopefully not wallowing, and continuing to connect to my deeper, wiser, more loving divine self. A tricky balancing act!

    1. Yes, a tricky balancing act indeed. It is an art form to not walk off the cliff when emotions start to heat up! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and adding to the post with your graciousness. All good things to you Brad!

  5. i’ve seen her a few times now and love her no-BS approach. it is so refreshing. she signed my copy of ‘defy grafity’ at last year’s i can do it. i was totally tongue-tied; all i remember saying is ‘i love you!’ hehehe.

    1. Yes, she is so powerful! And it is nice to see her several times and build on education – it serves like a mini workshop don’t you think? Thank you so much for leaving a comment Aleya. Light & love:)

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