Baby Stepping it One Lesson at a Time

YES!!!! I finally wrote my first official post on my new blog with the amazing Julianne Victoria of Through the Peacock’s Eyes. This post explores my journey in navigating the concept of complete forgiveness for the world and how I got to the other side. Light & love and many thanks for your support:) Lisa

Blazing Light of Glory

As my study buddy Julie and I navigate through our four weekly lessons,  themes become revealed in the teachings. The Course has a way of baby stepping students through the material into some fairly deep philosophical terrain. So much so, that I pause with a big grin on my face when I realize how far down the rabbit hole we have gone without realizing it. I am in gratitude for the  baby steps.cause_effect_world

Coming from a non-religious background I do not struggle with lessons pertaining to God/Source/Universal Law being within us rather than something we need to connect with outside of us. I certainly do have my struggles and that is what inspired this post.

Lesson #75 – The Light Has Come

I packed “Big Blue” in my suitcase and crossed the border for Amma’s Embracing The World Retreat in Seattle. I wrote about that on my blog if you are interested in…

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