Blessings of a Dragonfly

The topic of Spirit Animals, Totem Animals, Power Animals or guides, has become a growing hobby of mine. I enjoy learning about different animals and what they signify. This comes in handy in life and also for my work. I find it all quite fascinating. To determine if you have a particular animal guide it typically takes three sighting. Unless it walks right up to you in a profound way and it CLEARLY means business go and look it up right away! Blue dragonfly001

It came to my attention two years ago that the dragonfly was a spirit animal of mine. This inspiring winged insect signifies spiritual transformation and major life changes on the horizon. It requires you to be adaptable, take “flight” and find joy in your life experiences.

I am known to tell my clients to pay attention to the signs and I take my own advice.

Sign #1 – My husband surprised me this year. He secretly bought an opal dragonfly pendant that I had been admiring at a market stand on our recent trip to Mexico. He tucked it away and gave it me on our 10 yr anniversary as part of my gift This type of gift is unusual in our relationship so I found it particularly significant.

Sign #2 – After an amazing week of being in the flow in all ways, I was walking home & guess who was waiting for me on the stairwell but a blue dragonfly. My daughter first spotted it and called me over. At first we thought it was dead because it sat there perfectly still for what seemed like minutes. However, when I touched it ever so gently we saw it take the tiniest step. It was a highly spiritual moment as if time stood still and I wondered what he had come to tell me. I went to grab my camera but he had vanished upon my return.ACIM_June_Dragonfly

Sign #3 – As I flip my calendar for June…who is waiting for me on my A Course In Miracles calendar but my good friend the dragonfly!

I think I got the message & thank you for letting me know that change is on the horizon! I am embracing this monumental shift with an attitude of gratitude! To read more about the dragonfly as a spirit animal click here.

Light & love & many blessings to you!!!

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44 thoughts on “Blessings of a Dragonfly

      1. Yes. they like me. and those small yellow butterflies. Always when I walk out and start looking down at clover and then….small yellow butterflies around. And when I walk in another part of the yard, a small stick will begin to move..praying mantis# five of those in the last 3 days.

      2. Well, lucky for you I have a write up on the praying Mantis! I consulted my Animal Spirits Guide by the amazing Steven D. Farmer PH.D and here are the possibilities for you, one will jump out at you: 1.) You could benefit from studying martial arts of some form which has a strong meditative & spiritual component 2.) Make prayer, meditation or contemplation part of your daily regimen, if only for a few minutes 3.) Listen to your instincts as to when to move forward & when to retreat 4.) Spend time in the natural world & practice being still for as long as you can with nothing else to attend to except your breathing 5.) Consider re-directing your energy by withdrawing if from what-ever isn’t working in your life & focusing greater attention on what is working.

        It seems mantis wants you to be quiet inside for sure! Please let me know if this resonates with you. And thank you, I do enjoy learning about new animals!!!

        Little white butterflies follow me around. I see write ups for the monarch everywhere which means a time for transformation & to have more fun.

        Light & love.

      3. Thank you! No wonder the mantis(es) have been visiting and showing themselves more than usual. I really like them so I tend to watch for them. I was trained, years ago, in katana sword work by a modern day “Samurai” and keep it up. I spend much time in nature observing, learning, listening. At night I spend much time on our back steps and have become such a common and still presence, the passing deer and a family of bunnies come, graze, and pay me no mind. I started a new field of study 05/16 due to a forced retirement. Every day is begun with my devotions, prayer and meditation. I have been paying more attention to my “gut” about current and future moves. This all truly resonates and now I shall be even more purposeful about these things. Thank you so much for your very kind, informative, and gracious reply. I do so appreciate the time you took with this. Someone told me years ago, during my Woodstock days, that the small white/yellow butterflies were the spirits of our loved ones following us and reminding us of how we were loved and that they were always with us. My grandmother would go outside to the garden and soon, would have the little ones swirling about her, resting on her hair and clothes. My father as well. Birds would come and eat of his hand or sit nearby, totally trusting while he did outside work. So I am glad to be reminded of this and to also, be more playful. The last couple of years have been solemn. You may want to read my post about When Life throws you lemons….you will see some of the changes that have come about. Again, thank you so much for the explanation. I think it is time to stop studying for a little bit and go play with the little butterflies 🙂

      4. It was shortly after my Dad passed away that the butterflies started dancing with me on a regular basis, I thank you from the depth if my soul for sharing that Woodstock story! Animal guides seem to be strong in your family. And what an amazing story to see how your life experiences line up with the Mantis; I am so grateful that you asked. It is tales such as yours that feed my thirst for knowledge. Also, seeing deer can be guidance to trust your gut instincts….which you have been doing also. I will definitely look up your post, thank you again Kanzen!

      5. Again, thank you. My family has always been deeply tied to the earth, its seasons, and always to the animals and kindness to them. The little white/yellow butterflies have always been a comfort to me. This past winter was a very low time for me and several times, I would see them flitting about – in the winter! So it was more deeply comforting than ever. Again, thank you. I hope you have a blessed day.

  1. When I was in Singapore I saw turtles everywhere, and one came walking right to me when I called and looked deeply into my eyes. It was beautiful!! Here in India it is normally birds who come up to me, well they have been doing that my whole life, they come and peck at the window or sit close by me when I am sad. I also had a very profound encounter with a deer once in the forest, it actually bowed down to me and looked me in the eyes!! 🙂 It was lovely! 🙂 I think animals like me! 🙂

    1. I am filled with a sense of connection and love right now as I read your comment. You and Lorrie have a special connection here….she wrote about seeing turtles back in the end of April you know. Here is what I provided to her on turtle’s showing up: I consulted my Animal Spirits Guide by the amazing Steven D. Farmer PH.D. Often you need three sightings to indicate this animal is a messenger for you, but when a turtle shows up like that at your doorstep it is a direct message for you! One of these should resonate strongly with you: 1) you need to slow things down a bit, 2) be less dependant on others, 3) you are becoming more sensitive & will feel reactions physically before they manifest emotionally, 4) spend a few hours in solitude away from people & usual noises, 5) you are entering a VERY creative time so shield yourself from distractions. Whew, I hope that is beneficial to you too Line. Think back to what was going on for you in Singapore and what lines up for you.

      I will look into the deer as it is showing up for my daughter and is calling for some of my research attention:) I think animals like you too:) It is so inspiring have a visit from them. Stay tuned sweet thing for a follow up on the deer.

      1. Thank you so very much! 🙂 I so appreciate that! 🙂 I love your blog and eagerly read every post, so I will for sure stay tuned! 🙂 Lots of Love to you! 🙂

      2. Hello sweet thing, I have a question for you. Do you know if it was a white tail or a mule deer perhaps? That will impact the guidance of the deer. Light & love my dear.

      3. Alright! When a deer shows up for you it relates to connecting within yourself. Here is a list of possible meanings: 1. You have been involved in some aggressive, negative circumstances & need to seek out safe, nurturing situations & people. 2. More than ever, you need to trust your gut. 3. You are set for a big adventure, one that will take you down many paths & lead to many important insights. 4. Be gentle with yourself & others. I am curious to hear what was happening for you in life after seeing the deer! It sounds like you were about to have a transformation of your own lovely lady!! I hope this was useful info for you. Light & love:)

    1. I wanted to look into the hummingbird for you. When she shows up she asks you to be flexible, open hearted and expressive to the people you value in your life. Sometimes after she shows up life may take some sharp turns for a few days. Pick some flowers and let them inspire you in your home. Light & love and thanks for contributing to this post, it has been most rewarding!

    1. How wonderful & thank you for sharing. I am so happy I decided to post about the dragonfly. I have had so many inspired interactions already as a result, including yours. Enjoy the birds and whoever else decides to pop by!!

      1. You make me laugh! I am happy, busy and excited about a few new opportunities that have presented themselves to me lately. Life is full of surprises. And how about you?

  2. Loved this post and how lovely of your hubby to secretly buy your the gift you had admired… How thoughtful and loving and how significant…
    Its also no coincidence that I caught up with your blog this evening and this be a post..
    Yesterday and today.. Spiders have been turning up for me everwhere.. At home , at work and even in my car on my way home from work today.. Then even my Granddaughter age 3 pointed out one to me too..
    Now the amazing thing is that they were all of the same species and Last night as a tried to sleep in the sleep room at work, the spider crawled down the wall, then back.. I was too tired to catch him to put him through the window.. so just asked him nicely not to crawl on my while I slept.. This morning he was at the other end of the room.. As I drove home, the very same species, the exact same size sat in the corner of my side window where I drive.. I was amazed. as the one at home was the same too.. So I looked up the spider totem.. and it made so much sense.. as I am expressing my inner desire to create more with my art.. The thought is set, the patience is allowing things to come tog..

    Your post just another Synchronisity for me .. So Bless you..
    Sue xox

    1. Spiders hey! Interesting. Yes, they call on you to be creative as well as accessing deep wisdom and to integrate that wisdom into your daily life. Spider calls upon you to open your mind in many ways. No limiting yourself sweet Sue. Thank you so much for all of your support of my little blog. I am so grateful for all the interesting comments. I couldn’t be more thrilled:) all good things to you sunshine and welcome back.

  3. I’m a huge fan of Ted Andrews Spirit Animal guide. Love how he pulls in traditions from all over the world. I love the animal behavior he adds and biology. Just amazing books. Have been following animal signs since the early 90’s. Love it. Makes my world so much more magical.

    1. Thank you so much, I will definitely look into Ted Andrews! I too love looking at the cross cultural interpretations!!! Who are your spirit animals?

      1. Like you, I love dragonflies, also moths, coyote and fox. For years I’ve dreamed on and off of bears. Love this stuff and if you have not checked out Ted Andrews you are about to fall in love. His book is lovingly tattered on my book shelf. Namaste, my friend.

  4. Hi, Lisa, since you’re interested in totem animals, couple other things you may be interested in 🙂 Dr. E.S. Gallegos, who’s a therapist, wrote a book called The Personal Totem Pole, based on his therapeutic method where his clients identify a totem for each chakra and then call them together as a council in therapy to ask their advice. Seena Frost has a guided meditation based on this to identify these totem animals (you do it once for each chakra). Two of my totems are animals that have lived here in my yard or visited me (owl for my third eye and toad for my crown chakra). I’ve made SoulCollage cards for most of my totems now, as well as one that shows the entire totem pole!

    I’ve read there are also male and female energy totems to either side of us. I believe my yang warrior totem is a tiger, but don’t know what the other one is … no doubt it will be revealed 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Heather! How fascinating. I will be sure to look into that book and those chakra totems. That is quite interesting how an owl and toad have lived by you like that. I am fascinated by the intelligence of nature. Light & love to you sweet soul.

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