Secret Of A Deeply Satisfying Life

Over the last weekend I attended a retreat in Bellevue, WA USA. For those of you who are not familiar with her, Amma is a visionary humanitarian. I came across a business card at the retreat for her FB page and it reads – “My religion is LOVE!”.

To quote the New York Times, “Amma has been fighting world suffering by tirelessly offering hugs.” Amma_Seattle_2014

Yes, you read that correctly, hugs. She has given “darshan”, blessings through hugs, to over 33 million people across 6 continents so far in this lifetime. Not only is she an amazing love guru, but she is an astute business woman. Her organization supports communities & individuals in need of food, shelter, education, health care and emergency relief offering millions of dollars to end suffering.

Being close to her evoked feelings of peacefulness & knowing. The first time up on stage for my hug I was on the verge of a full-on ugly cry. I wanted the release, but I was with my sweet & sensitive 7 year old daughter and did not want to frighten her so I held it in. My next two times up were sweet & full of bliss, bliss that stayed me long after leaving her presence. It is a beautiful gift for your life and it is something you can re-visit and embody any time. As I made eye contact with Amma, I felt this incredible surge of love. Amma blessed me on my third eye two times. This was a first for me out of three years of retreats so I have included a photo of me blissed-out directly after my first darshan.amma_third_eye

This was my daughter’s second retreat with Amma and she loved getting darshan. I loved how she was exposed to what suffering is in a real & visual way. I saw some light bulbs go off for her and at the age of 7, I am so grateful to see her wake up a little to what a blessed life she lives.

A take-away message from this past weekend was her secret to living a deeply satisfying life. I was sure to take note of this secret. Any guesses?! What creates suffering? Whether you live in a developing country below the poverty line or in an affluent urban neighborhood, everyone in the human race experiences suffering. Amma’s approach to living a life of love is so simple yet so challenging to execute. Who among us does not get frustrated? angry? disappointed?service_AmmaAmma’s secret to living a deeply satisfying life: helping others.

Service to your community, your family, those in dire need, animals, children, ANYONE – will lead to your own unending happiness. I love the saying, “you know the truth when you hear it “and this certainly rang true for me.

So the take away message is to embrace a loving & helpful approach in your life.

If you can approach your whole life appreciating the power of your thoughts, you will think twice before wasting one of them on criticism and judgements towards other and/or yourself. (This ties into my last post about your perspective creating your reality. ) I starting see Amma in 2012 and since adopting a more helpful style of living I can honestly say that my life has become more rewarding & more loving.

One last point. Amma spoke on the importance of accepting our dharma (the principle of cosmic order). We cannot dictate what our dharma is to suit our moods or self entitlements. We must do the work, we must be helpful and loyal and kind. Being loving is the only way to create a more loving world. Again, you know the truth when you hear it.

Give someone a big beautiful hug today and see your hearts bloom!! It will light you both up inside and who knows, they might even pay it forward.

Light & love & many blessings to you!!!

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17 thoughts on “Secret Of A Deeply Satisfying Life

  1. How beautiful is she? Wow…I feel blessed to hear you talk of your experience Lisa! Your little girl is so blessed to grow up with you as a teacher…I am also blessed to have found you. Blessitude♡♡♡

    1. Yes, Amma is beautiful in every way. She has given darshan for 22 hrs without taking a break, which I think qualifies her as a superhero as well. All the while smelling of sweet rose:) Thank you so much for the parenting compliment too, teaching gratitude as the attitude is a big job!! Light & love Lorrie:)

  2. Thrilled beyond words to know that Amma’s love and blessings are being showered in your part of the world too. Wishing you and your little daughter plenty of joy and happiness 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Dilip! I appreciate your comment very much. As you know Amma is such a special conduit of joy and happiness and we feel blessed to bask in her glow. Luck lucky!! All good things to you Dilip.

  3. What a beautiful and exhilarating experience for you and your young daughter, What wonderful grounding you are giving her as she opens her eyes to the world.. Wonderful Lisa.. beyond words.. I felt the love through your words..

    Many Blessings upon your journey.. Long may it be peaceful and full of love..
    Sue xox

    1. Thank you honey, and thai you for taking the time to visit so many of my posts and leave such thoughtful comments. I have been missing you and feel warm in my heart by your presence:) It was a blessing to be there with her, in many many ways. I am forever grateful for it. Blessings & love right back at you!!!

  4. How wonderful that you’re taking your daughter with you to see Amma ❤ Just a little different than what my parents exposed me to … but as you say, that is my dharma 🙂

    1. Yes, a little different than mine as well!!! Thank you for taking the time to read my post and leave a comment, it is greatly appreciated. All good things to you Heather!

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